Monday, January 14, 2013

Embarrassing childhood memory

So when I was about 7years old Radio Hauraki (local rock station) had a competition to ring up with a joke. Whoever told the best joke would win their mother a jewellery box for Mother's Day. I had a joke I thought was pretty darn amazing and really wanted to win this jewellery box for mum.
So I phoned up and I got through, my first ever phone call to the radio & I was so excited, they asked my joke & I was so scared, embarrassed and excited all at the same time that I ended up telling the joke the complete wrong way - I was mortified. Instead of the following correct joke was (bearing in mind I was 7 and this was pretty funny)

Knock Knock
Who's there
Grandma Who?
Knock Knock
Who's there
Grandma Who?
Knock Knock
Who's there
Grandma Who?
Knock Knock
Who's there
Aunt who?
Aunt you glad that Grandma's gone?

Poor little 7year old me told it as Aunt the whole way trough, meaning that the punch line made no sense. But those awesome Radio Hauraki guys ended up gifting me the Jewellery Box. I received a letter and everything as I ended up in tears on the phone. Can't remember how they got my details I think it was all part and parcel of getting through to tell your joke.
Only other part of this story was my mum had no car and we couldn't get into the radio station to pick it up. So even though I ended up winning we never saw the

Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Home

So in a matter of 5 days I will be moving and living with flatmates. Apart from the 9months at Lizban Street this is the first time I have gone flatting in my 31 years of life. It's not quite flatting on my own. I will have Part 4 till he leaves in April. Then it will be my first flat & first living somewhere without a partner.

In all my life when I have moved out of home it has always been in with a partner. I essentially did 3 months at Lizban before Part 4 & I got together & even though we weren't in the same room we were in the same house.

Most of the moves I have done have been into my partners place with his parents. I lived with Part 1 at his parents place & although his family is still my family now & we had a downstairs living area (minus kitchen it was with parents). It was only when Part 3 purchased his first home did I experience living without parents & I enjoyed it..... To an extent. It has always been someone else's home. When Part 4 & I moved to Clapham it was his home, well it was ours but I mean it was his because I couldn't decorate it the way I wanted. That was only because he was selling it though.

But this place I'm moving to in 5 days will be my room in the flatting situation. Part 4 will be with me to April which will be great, help calm the nerves & then I'll be on me own. Eeep first flatting situation. I'm excited

Now I can't wait to own my own home!

Anyways to new beginnings

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bits for Travel

So I have been looking on things that I want to get for travelling: new back pack (not so big), new travel handbag (my old one just wasn't practical after a few trips) and various other tidbits. Anyways since I won't really know what backpack I want till I start heading into stores and having a look at the different sizes, shapes etc that left the rest of the stuff to get. Since I have done a little bit of travelling I have a few things in mind of what I want to change/improve on. 

I am interested in getting a Skross Universal Adapter with USB Ports - as above. Reasonably priced (£15.99) and well made. Doesn't seem like the flimsy piece I had while travelling through Asia. 

I just discovered this afternoon by accident the perfect travel handbag. I was going to go with a Kipling Bag, but I ended up stumbing across something called a Pacsafe Metrosafe Shoulder Bag. Now this thing was designed with travelling in mind. It has plenty of pockets and room for stuff. But the main reasons I am interested in it, are because they are slash proof. Yup straps are slash proof, the bag is slash proof and I am in love. They are between £35 and £50 but I would happily pay that for a bag I feel is protected. These bags have mesh wiring in the fabric, in the shoulder strap and there is extra added safety features. The only problems I have found so far is that the 100 looks a tad too small and the 200 looks a bit too big. Unfortunately I don't think there will be any shops here in the UK that sell them. Yes I can get it on Amazon but I think it's all shipped in from overseas. So it will be trial and error. I'm going to have to judge by images found on the internet. Here is what the bag looks like:

Pacsafe  Metrosafe 100 Shoulderbag - possibly too small

Pacsafe Metrosafe 200 Shoulderbag- possibly too big

The security measures
Here are a couple of sites to have a look at for reviews: Murray On Travel and then there is Hack My Trip, both reviewing the Pacsafe 200. You can see from those images why I think the bag might be a bit too big. Bit then the 200 have room for water, which is always a plus as that was one of the things I hated carrying around through Asia and Italy. The ruddy bottles of water. Sure I definitely needed and wanted them, but they were just awkward to carry. The 200 will happily hold a half litre bottle of water. In the first few days of my trip in SE Asia in Thailand I was paranoid about people wanting to take my bag, but I soon learned that it was unfounded. Through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and then in Cambodia, not once did I feel like my bag was going to be taken. I had a small thing that I purchased in Bangkok on the first few days of being there. It was surprisingly roomy this bag, but it was rather uncomfortable. Oooo okay hold the phone I think I found the solution for the in between size I'm after it's a Pacsafe Citysafe 100 Gii Handbag. 
See not too big nor too small. I think essentially its the same as the above 100 (hence the name of it) and again only downside is that it won't really fit a water bottle. I mean I guess I could lay down a little half litre one and go from there. 

Looks good

Actually there is a crap load of room. Look at that it holds a DSLR!?! This is an image taken from Ebay. So I might just get this one. Plus it looks easier to get into. The flap over the top I found troublesome through Asia, so to have one with a zip on top means easier access. 

Oooo cant wait till payday next month till I buy this :o)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So I have been doing plenty of reading in the afternoons about planning and understanding how to plan for my trip overseas for as long as I possibly want. 

I am starting off this pay day December with nil savings and am going to save and budget like mad for 2013 before I travel. As one thing I have noticed that although this Nomadic Matt website keeps saying you can travel with a very small amount of money, most of the advice on the numerous blogs I have been reading have all saved at the very least 10grand before they went anywhere. I am also keen to do this for the fact that if while travelling I happen to get stuck and need an emergency trip home I have at least a safety net that I know is there and I can rely on. So 2013 will be a frugal year, but a great year for fantastic things. 

I have been reading Nomadic Matt's How to Teach English Overseas (yes started last night), and the first few pages are 'To get the TEFL certificate or not' - I have decided already that yes I will get a certificate, but I will look for one that applies to the country I am first planning on teaching in and then if required I will look more into others. It may not be required for where I go but the things they teach you such as grammar  games and so on can only help but improve my teaching. Also if I'm going to teach English I would like to teach it correctly. I already know I am not the best with spelling, nor grammar. So to do a course would be a good way for improving. 

Last night I read a few blogs on tips for solo female travellers. I wanted to know is it safer than it used to be? More dangerous? - Seems about the same it's always been. Keep your wits about you & trust your instinct is good advice I have seen repeated. Here is the tips I read. Not just for females by the way, I was specifically looking for me. 

Here as well:
1) Get Fit - Not only to help lug around your backpack, but it improves your chances of warding off an attacker. 
2) Fake Ring - Not for everyone but I might give it a try when travelling and see what I think of it. I have a ring I can use already so don't have to go out & purchase something. 
3) Dress Down - I like this advice. I'm not going on a two week holiday to a beach where I want to look my best and have boobs and legs hanging out in every photo, besides I'm also not 18 anymore. I am travelling and I want to be practical, comfortable and respectful in regarding the temples I am visting and so on. Looking fantastic can come for times when I plan on going out and specifically want to dress up. 
4) Avert Attention - Another great tip. This is like dressing down but it's hiding those flashy electronics. I already have an el cheapo phone that I can use for things like the time or calls if needed. The iPhone can stay close but hidden. Don't flash money etc. Be aware of your things around onlookers. Let's face it. Your a tourist you stand out like a sore thumb if you have a backpack on. 
5) Stay Alert - Just be aware of your surroundings and your belongings. Be aware of your things on you when people approach to talk ie in regards to pickpockets. 
6) Don't Over Drink - Obvious reasons are the things like well this is when people get taken advantage of. Also NEVER take a drink from a stranger, you never know what is in that drink. But also over drinking costs that precious travel money. 
7) Stay Confident - If you look too much like a traveller you are more likely to be taken advantage of and not just in a sexual way, you could be ripped off. The blogger who did this entry advises Self-Defence Classes, something I think I might be interested in investing in. Yes sure expensive maybe, but a cost that I think will be well worth the money spent. 

So keeping those things in mind. 

More reading tonight, think I'll continue with that Teaching English book for now and look at websites again later. 

Monday, December 10, 2012


So I am getting rather restless living here in the UK. I came over here to travel and although I have done 'some' travel, don't get me wrong it has been fantastic travelling buuut I haven't done nearly as much as I hoped I would. Sooo I have set myself a goal. 2013 is the year of saving, 2014 is the year I start travelling again. 

I have been using the amazing blog a fantastic friend found for me called 'Nomadic Matt'' - with the catch phrase Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer. It has been great to read his tips - and others tips - on the fact that you don't need alot of money to travel with. As that has been my biggest issue. His site is chocka block full of advice, tips and information on travelling the world on as little as possible. How to get over your fears and just do it. So I am going to take the advice slogan from Nike and 'Just Do It'. I have been reading up on the lot. 

I'm also really interested in teaching English overseas. So when Nomadic Matt's site was having a Thanksgiving sale I managed to purchase his book (PDF) on How to teach English Overseas. I am reading avidly (tomorrow) lol! Anyways so yes I am pretty interested in doing this, making kids happy, helping out and travelling the world teaching English with some trips in between it all.

Sooo watch this space

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lack of commitment & Motivation

I know I have posted on here sooo many times before & on Facebook as well that I am going to get fit, active & get to my goal weight. And I know that I have failed time an time again for a lack of commitment & motivation.

I am hoping thought this time round I am going to aim for a 12 week change & go from there. I want to loose 6.5cm off my waist so I'm 80cm. I aim to loose 5kg so that I can get to 62kg. And I aim to be motivated & committed for this whole 12 week challenge. I will be super proud of myself to actually accomplish the 12 weeks as goal number 1, to loose the weight & the cm of my waist is goal number 2 & 3.

So this challenge is not only about achieving a body I'm proud of and happy with, it is proving to myself I can keep committed. It is not giving up & it is feeling so good at the end of the 12 weeks that I don't stop.

Watch me challenge myself & win!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

My First Craft from Pinterest

So because my first attempt was rather abysmal (I was super keen to get crafting again I didn't use glue or tape). I tried again on the yarn bottle for Christmas

Was simple as -  well 95% simple. I have to figure out how to master the last bit seeing as I'm a beginner crafter, but practise makes perfect. Either way it was a lovely simple and effective craft for me to try out. I had seen these on my new addiction website Pinetrest, but they were mostly done with only one colour and with Christmas getting closer I wanted to make it with 2 colours. Red and Green.

1) The bottle - Just an empty wine bottle from a lazy Sunday afternoon BBQ. Simply run the label under warm water and remove as much as possible. Do not worry about removing it all as it will be covered with the wool/yarn

2) Purchase your coloured yarn, any colour you desire. One if you like. These are simply from a cheap 1,2,3 Dollar shop & cost me £3 for both balls of wool/yarn (whatever you prefer to call it). Also pick up some double-sided tape. I got some wide stuff as that's all that was available from the corner store

3) Apply the double sided tape all over the bottle, leaving the paper strip on. Once applied - remove paper. One thing I think I will do on the next bottle is only cover half the bottle in the tape. Wind the yarn on then do tape the second half of the bottle and continue with the yarn. Reason behind this is my hands stuck to it, it stuck to my pants & to the floor, also the yarn itself stuck to it when winding the yarn on the bottle. So it started to loose its stickyness & made it difficult to finish at the end of the bottle. 

4) Unravel your yarn. I put the two colours side by side on the bottle and taped it length wise down the neck so as to secure it in place. then started wrapping up the top. See figure below 

Taken from the following site

5) I started wrapping the yarn at the top of the bottle like the picture shows above and kept the colours side by side as I did so. Made sure the tension was the same while wrapping the whole way round. I also made sure that the yarn lined up with the wrapped line above so there were no gaps. Then I kept wrapping and wrapping till I was at the bottom of the bottle. Slow process but not painful

6) Now the part I found tricky, the finishing off at the end. From the few yarn bottle DIY Instructions I have seen most tell you to:  Continue down the bottle until you reach the bottom. Apply another small dab of glue along the base, and once the yarn is set, snip the end here (the most famous yarn bottle DIY on Pinterest)
   Now this would of been okay I guess if I was using glue, or I hadn't already folded the double-sided tape under the bottom of the bottle. As it is, I personally added more double-sided tape in thinner strips till the yarn was under the bottle and out of side where I sello-taped it into place. I will admit this probably isn't the best way, but I also didn't like the idea of being able to see the two ends of the yarn side by side at the end of the bottle. So I wound it underneath.

Either way it looks good and the messy part is underneath and no one will see. Now to drink some more wine for some other bottles and perfecting the method!

Hope you enjoyed the instructions :O)
Best of luck x