Monday, September 17, 2012

My First Craft from Pinterest

So because my first attempt was rather abysmal (I was super keen to get crafting again I didn't use glue or tape). I tried again on the yarn bottle for Christmas

Was simple as -  well 95% simple. I have to figure out how to master the last bit seeing as I'm a beginner crafter, but practise makes perfect. Either way it was a lovely simple and effective craft for me to try out. I had seen these on my new addiction website Pinetrest, but they were mostly done with only one colour and with Christmas getting closer I wanted to make it with 2 colours. Red and Green.

1) The bottle - Just an empty wine bottle from a lazy Sunday afternoon BBQ. Simply run the label under warm water and remove as much as possible. Do not worry about removing it all as it will be covered with the wool/yarn

2) Purchase your coloured yarn, any colour you desire. One if you like. These are simply from a cheap 1,2,3 Dollar shop & cost me £3 for both balls of wool/yarn (whatever you prefer to call it). Also pick up some double-sided tape. I got some wide stuff as that's all that was available from the corner store

3) Apply the double sided tape all over the bottle, leaving the paper strip on. Once applied - remove paper. One thing I think I will do on the next bottle is only cover half the bottle in the tape. Wind the yarn on then do tape the second half of the bottle and continue with the yarn. Reason behind this is my hands stuck to it, it stuck to my pants & to the floor, also the yarn itself stuck to it when winding the yarn on the bottle. So it started to loose its stickyness & made it difficult to finish at the end of the bottle. 

4) Unravel your yarn. I put the two colours side by side on the bottle and taped it length wise down the neck so as to secure it in place. then started wrapping up the top. See figure below 

Taken from the following site

5) I started wrapping the yarn at the top of the bottle like the picture shows above and kept the colours side by side as I did so. Made sure the tension was the same while wrapping the whole way round. I also made sure that the yarn lined up with the wrapped line above so there were no gaps. Then I kept wrapping and wrapping till I was at the bottom of the bottle. Slow process but not painful

6) Now the part I found tricky, the finishing off at the end. From the few yarn bottle DIY Instructions I have seen most tell you to:  Continue down the bottle until you reach the bottom. Apply another small dab of glue along the base, and once the yarn is set, snip the end here (the most famous yarn bottle DIY on Pinterest)
   Now this would of been okay I guess if I was using glue, or I hadn't already folded the double-sided tape under the bottom of the bottle. As it is, I personally added more double-sided tape in thinner strips till the yarn was under the bottle and out of side where I sello-taped it into place. I will admit this probably isn't the best way, but I also didn't like the idea of being able to see the two ends of the yarn side by side at the end of the bottle. So I wound it underneath.

Either way it looks good and the messy part is underneath and no one will see. Now to drink some more wine for some other bottles and perfecting the method!

Hope you enjoyed the instructions :O)
Best of luck x

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