Monday, October 1, 2012

Lack of commitment & Motivation

I know I have posted on here sooo many times before & on Facebook as well that I am going to get fit, active & get to my goal weight. And I know that I have failed time an time again for a lack of commitment & motivation.

I am hoping thought this time round I am going to aim for a 12 week change & go from there. I want to loose 6.5cm off my waist so I'm 80cm. I aim to loose 5kg so that I can get to 62kg. And I aim to be motivated & committed for this whole 12 week challenge. I will be super proud of myself to actually accomplish the 12 weeks as goal number 1, to loose the weight & the cm of my waist is goal number 2 & 3.

So this challenge is not only about achieving a body I'm proud of and happy with, it is proving to myself I can keep committed. It is not giving up & it is feeling so good at the end of the 12 weeks that I don't stop.

Watch me challenge myself & win!!!!

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