Monday, December 10, 2012


So I am getting rather restless living here in the UK. I came over here to travel and although I have done 'some' travel, don't get me wrong it has been fantastic travelling buuut I haven't done nearly as much as I hoped I would. Sooo I have set myself a goal. 2013 is the year of saving, 2014 is the year I start travelling again. 

I have been using the amazing blog a fantastic friend found for me called 'Nomadic Matt'' - with the catch phrase Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer. It has been great to read his tips - and others tips - on the fact that you don't need alot of money to travel with. As that has been my biggest issue. His site is chocka block full of advice, tips and information on travelling the world on as little as possible. How to get over your fears and just do it. So I am going to take the advice slogan from Nike and 'Just Do It'. I have been reading up on the lot. 

I'm also really interested in teaching English overseas. So when Nomadic Matt's site was having a Thanksgiving sale I managed to purchase his book (PDF) on How to teach English Overseas. I am reading avidly (tomorrow) lol! Anyways so yes I am pretty interested in doing this, making kids happy, helping out and travelling the world teaching English with some trips in between it all.

Sooo watch this space

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