Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So I have been doing plenty of reading in the afternoons about planning and understanding how to plan for my trip overseas for as long as I possibly want. 

I am starting off this pay day December with nil savings and am going to save and budget like mad for 2013 before I travel. As one thing I have noticed that although this Nomadic Matt website keeps saying you can travel with a very small amount of money, most of the advice on the numerous blogs I have been reading have all saved at the very least 10grand before they went anywhere. I am also keen to do this for the fact that if while travelling I happen to get stuck and need an emergency trip home I have at least a safety net that I know is there and I can rely on. So 2013 will be a frugal year, but a great year for fantastic things. 

I have been reading Nomadic Matt's How to Teach English Overseas (yes started last night), and the first few pages are 'To get the TEFL certificate or not' - I have decided already that yes I will get a certificate, but I will look for one that applies to the country I am first planning on teaching in and then if required I will look more into others. It may not be required for where I go but the things they teach you such as grammar  games and so on can only help but improve my teaching. Also if I'm going to teach English I would like to teach it correctly. I already know I am not the best with spelling, nor grammar. So to do a course would be a good way for improving. 

Last night I read a few blogs on tips for solo female travellers. I wanted to know is it safer than it used to be? More dangerous? - Seems about the same it's always been. Keep your wits about you & trust your instinct is good advice I have seen repeated. Here is the tips I read. Not just for females by the way, I was specifically looking for me. 

Here as well:
1) Get Fit - Not only to help lug around your backpack, but it improves your chances of warding off an attacker. 
2) Fake Ring - Not for everyone but I might give it a try when travelling and see what I think of it. I have a ring I can use already so don't have to go out & purchase something. 
3) Dress Down - I like this advice. I'm not going on a two week holiday to a beach where I want to look my best and have boobs and legs hanging out in every photo, besides I'm also not 18 anymore. I am travelling and I want to be practical, comfortable and respectful in regarding the temples I am visting and so on. Looking fantastic can come for times when I plan on going out and specifically want to dress up. 
4) Avert Attention - Another great tip. This is like dressing down but it's hiding those flashy electronics. I already have an el cheapo phone that I can use for things like the time or calls if needed. The iPhone can stay close but hidden. Don't flash money etc. Be aware of your things around onlookers. Let's face it. Your a tourist you stand out like a sore thumb if you have a backpack on. 
5) Stay Alert - Just be aware of your surroundings and your belongings. Be aware of your things on you when people approach to talk ie in regards to pickpockets. 
6) Don't Over Drink - Obvious reasons are the things like well this is when people get taken advantage of. Also NEVER take a drink from a stranger, you never know what is in that drink. But also over drinking costs that precious travel money. 
7) Stay Confident - If you look too much like a traveller you are more likely to be taken advantage of and not just in a sexual way, you could be ripped off. The blogger who did this entry advises Self-Defence Classes, something I think I might be interested in investing in. Yes sure expensive maybe, but a cost that I think will be well worth the money spent. 

So keeping those things in mind. 

More reading tonight, think I'll continue with that Teaching English book for now and look at websites again later. 

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