Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bits for Travel

So I have been looking on things that I want to get for travelling: new back pack (not so big), new travel handbag (my old one just wasn't practical after a few trips) and various other tidbits. Anyways since I won't really know what backpack I want till I start heading into stores and having a look at the different sizes, shapes etc that left the rest of the stuff to get. Since I have done a little bit of travelling I have a few things in mind of what I want to change/improve on. 

I am interested in getting a Skross Universal Adapter with USB Ports - as above. Reasonably priced (£15.99) and well made. Doesn't seem like the flimsy piece I had while travelling through Asia. 

I just discovered this afternoon by accident the perfect travel handbag. I was going to go with a Kipling Bag, but I ended up stumbing across something called a Pacsafe Metrosafe Shoulder Bag. Now this thing was designed with travelling in mind. It has plenty of pockets and room for stuff. But the main reasons I am interested in it, are because they are slash proof. Yup straps are slash proof, the bag is slash proof and I am in love. They are between £35 and £50 but I would happily pay that for a bag I feel is protected. These bags have mesh wiring in the fabric, in the shoulder strap and there is extra added safety features. The only problems I have found so far is that the 100 looks a tad too small and the 200 looks a bit too big. Unfortunately I don't think there will be any shops here in the UK that sell them. Yes I can get it on Amazon but I think it's all shipped in from overseas. So it will be trial and error. I'm going to have to judge by images found on the internet. Here is what the bag looks like:

Pacsafe  Metrosafe 100 Shoulderbag - possibly too small

Pacsafe Metrosafe 200 Shoulderbag- possibly too big

The security measures
Here are a couple of sites to have a look at for reviews: Murray On Travel and then there is Hack My Trip, both reviewing the Pacsafe 200. You can see from those images why I think the bag might be a bit too big. Bit then the 200 have room for water, which is always a plus as that was one of the things I hated carrying around through Asia and Italy. The ruddy bottles of water. Sure I definitely needed and wanted them, but they were just awkward to carry. The 200 will happily hold a half litre bottle of water. In the first few days of my trip in SE Asia in Thailand I was paranoid about people wanting to take my bag, but I soon learned that it was unfounded. Through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and then in Cambodia, not once did I feel like my bag was going to be taken. I had a small thing that I purchased in Bangkok on the first few days of being there. It was surprisingly roomy this bag, but it was rather uncomfortable. Oooo okay hold the phone I think I found the solution for the in between size I'm after it's a Pacsafe Citysafe 100 Gii Handbag. 
See not too big nor too small. I think essentially its the same as the above 100 (hence the name of it) and again only downside is that it won't really fit a water bottle. I mean I guess I could lay down a little half litre one and go from there. 

Looks good

Actually there is a crap load of room. Look at that it holds a DSLR!?! This is an image taken from Ebay. So I might just get this one. Plus it looks easier to get into. The flap over the top I found troublesome through Asia, so to have one with a zip on top means easier access. 

Oooo cant wait till payday next month till I buy this :o)

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