Monday, June 18, 2012

12 Week Count Down

12 Weeks till I get to my goal weight of 62kg! Goal waist below 80cm.

I'm currently at 68kg, my stomach is 86cm around. Fitness level in-between beginner & medium I reckon :)

Injuries: Lower Back issues & left knee was twisted & strained a few years back & gives me constant issues but what can you do?

Let see how this goes. I have a step recorder to do the 10,000 steps a day challenge. I have a 10k run to do on 4th July. I also plan to be aware of calorie intake (I'm not going to be 100% perfect on that just try not to go too far over), I am going to do exercises from 'You Are Your Own Gym' by Mark Lauren where I will do such exercises as Sit Ups, Crunches, Push Ups & the like.

Tonight I will add a 'Before' Photo & there will be any exercise result recorded here. As I am notoriously bad for keeping up with these things it will be an extra challenge for me. How many times have I said I will start something, gone half way & given up? A shit load of times I tell you. So it will be something to prove to myself & to you that I can do this. I wish I had a fitness buddy for this but it's just impossible, no one I know is interested or able to do it with me. I only want it for motivation. But then that will be something making sure I can keep at these 12 weeks with no one but myself to keep me going.

Wish me luck :)

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