Sunday, June 10, 2012

Checking in

Motivation?! When in the world are they going to make it into tablet form so those of us with motivation issues can take it and be on our merry way? 
Yeah so once again I found that I was hit with a 'no motivation bug'. It ran away from me the second the sun disappeared, my throat got sore and I decided that I wanted some junk food. 
There it is running away from me, get it quick I'm still counting to 100
I take my lessons in lazy from Homer
Hmm yeah so not good when you are trying to do your best at training for your first ever 10k run is it? When there is only 24 days left to go I think I need to shake myself into gear again and get out there. My last run was 10 days ago and although I have all the excuses under the sun they really aren't enough. Sooo thankfully the little sister is coming over tomorrow to kick my A into G again 
I think motivation to run found me, there it is hiding in the corner, motivation in 3...2....1

On the upside I went and saw my first Theatre show on Saturday. Went to watch Sister Act the Musical with one of the girls I made friends with on the Stonehenge/Bath tour. I had never seen Sister Act the movie, but I kinda got the jist of it & okay so I have been & watched school plays before but this is a theatre show in London we are talking!!!! The place to go see theatre - next to New York that is. And I was thoroughly impressed. It was a fantastic show. There was some wonderfully beautiful singing voices and I think its just something special to go see. 
The cast & a shot from the show - UH-MAZ-ING!!!!

Yes you were wonderful!
Here is the 'trailer' for it:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
If that doesn't work here is the link:

Anyways till next time, may my motivation bite me in the butt

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