Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Naughty Me

So week 1 of this diet/exercise thing went terribly Haa Haa! It's normally supposed to be your best efforts & where you get your best results from but I just could not be bothered. The only thing I can think of why the week went like this was because I have been so incredibly tired that I just wanted I come home & do nothing.
Of course inactivity makes you crave sugary foods to give you an energy boost (then a fall) & unfortunately TW natural thing in this day & age for a human to turn to for that energy boost is not fruit. So I ate rather a lot of chocolate & cookies last week (as they were brought in as well). I cannot resist the goodness of junk food, my will power when it's shoved in my face is shocking.
Then last week watched an amazing BBC show called The Men Who Made Us Fat - Seriously good you have to watch it, it's all about how one man decided to 'up size' a popcorn bucket in his cinema to both make money & help his customers not feel embarrassed about going back for seconds, the second serving was right with them from the start. Then this guy went onto work for McDonalds & it all went downhill from there. All the super size me things, buy 2 get 1 free, the meal combo things just inflated the size of he American & of corse it was a roll on affect for the rest of the world. It makes you rethink portion sizes & of course I was all inspired & thought right perfect time for me to watch.
My step counting recording was abysmal last week as well I only recorded it twice. However I know just walking to the tube in morning from home, then from tube to work is like 4,000 odd steps if I do that in morning & evening we are guaranteed at least 8,000 steps then I do roughly 2-4,000 during the day so I would say I went over the ten thousand steps each day. I know I didn't do it one day because of rain & not on Sunday, so over all not too bad.

However we have started this week off good. Last night went for a run. Was hard but worth it to finally do it again. Yesterday managed 17,916 steps. I was shattered & things are tender today after a 4.84k run but we are getting somewhere.
Let's see how this week goes?

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