Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why hello there

Hi strangers hows things going? Woah so its been a while.

So what has been going on lately? Well most people can pretty much tell whats been going on with life over here in London for me at the moment as I am forever posting up pictures of what I have been up to and I get tagged in 'places' I have been. But the happs is really that I have been working my 8-5 with Optimise and coming home to do not much really. The weekends are a bit better though they have lately been filled with things such as moving house - I moved from Greenwich to Clapham with my flatmate Tim. Over the Easter Break went to a few museums and sight seeing around London. So its safe to say that I am getting to know London alot better. I am confident with my way round now. I mean I still only know the tip of the iceberg but the internet/technology is a fantastic thing I can just look up how to get there and do the whole GPS thing on my phone so I dont get lost - which is FANTASTIC I might add. How helpful is that?

The plan this year is to save as much as I possibly can for weekend trips here, there and everywhere. Then with a little bit of luck a large trip next year. Depending on cash situations. I've discovered unfortunately Im not really a fan of London. I mean I like it, but its not really a place to be living. Its a tourist city. But it will do the trick for now. Its the best place to be in the UK for work and the best place to base myself for both local and international travel.

I have also decided that I really need to get back into writing my book. It has been a rather long time and for some unknown reason I got the urge today to write in it. I havent yet, I have been cleaning the house and then I really wanted to get this blog update off my chest. I have to plot out how I want the story to actaully go so that I have a plan to work with, as I have just been writing what has been coming off the top of my head but not really knowing what its completely about. So I figure if I have a vague plot sorted then maybe I could get the creative writing juices flowing again. Heaven knows I talk enough I am sure I can fill a book. The issue will then be if it is understandable and entertaining.

That was werid my blog stopped me from writing for a little while, must of written too much so going to take that as a sign and post this for ya'all to read

May there be a few more slightly regular post updates

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