Monday, January 30, 2012

Addicted Much?

So I'm loving the phone & being able to take photos everywhere. And go online & play games. Life is good.

I'm now on the save for a deposit on a flat incase I need to move out, and then I will be sensible & save the money needed for any emergency trip back to NZ that I might need. THEN I will save for travel. So going to take a while but sensible things out of the way I will get there :) I always planned on saving for a good year before I travel anywhere.

So with my job I'm in at the moment my role has improved from office admin staff to Meter details & am now even helping out with sorta pa stuff, which is really cool as that's what I wanted to get in. PA or office manager. Also today I got a pleb! Nah I shouldn't say that, the guy is here to help out my role & one I was taking over. Which is the pa stuff :( but I'm thinking I'll train him up with everything I know so that when I'm away he can cover me or when he's away I can cover him. Smart thinking? I think yes :) soo apart from Internet issues, super slow pcs & no landline I'm pretty happy. Just need a pay rise lol!

Anyways will update again some time soon :)

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