Thursday, April 26, 2012

Look another one

So I have been stumped on what to write for my book the last few days. I have written a tiny bit but I've been trying to think of a plot but the whole story isn't really coming to mind so I think I should just write and see what happens.

Im super excited also as I have my first trip out of The UK planned. As those who follow me on facebook they will know I've recently purchased tickets to fly to Munich, Germany. In heading over to visit a friend of mine Marieke. So that will be great to catch up with her & also see what Germany looks like. I have 2 days to hang out with her over the weekend & then Monday & Tuesday I will be touring Munich a little bit by myself. Looking forward to checking the place out & snapping a bazillion photos. I fly out on May 11th so will keep you all informed on the happy when I can. Glad I have an iPhone that I can use as my map and way to get around so I won't get lost. Talk about handy having phones with GPS. The technology today aye? Keeping us safe & secure & in front of our computer screens for hours on en lol!

I have been looking around London a bit. Still don't know it inside out but I know enough to know where I am when out & where I can go to get around. It's not as confusing as I first thought. And everything is closer together than it looks on the map.

I'm reading The Wise Mans Fear again. Hopefully will finish it this time round. I am enjoying reading about Kvothe again. Patrick Rothfuss is a good writer. The Kobo is so handy Lotsa books in one place and being able to carry around something that isn't going to break my shoulder with the weight of it or take up loads of room. That's handy so thank you Fujitsu love my gift!

What else? Unsure for now so will post this and write again another time when I'm in mood. Till next time. T 

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