Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random Facts about me

Interesting facts about me (I've taken this idea from my cousin Tia, thought it was fun so decided to do one myself)

• I'm addicted to chocolate. Dark chocolate is the best. I know a lot of girls are addicted to it, but I love it after dinner & I love to have a small bit every day. Don't know if that's good or bad. Whittackers Dark Ghana is the best but there is one up here in London called Divine which is pretty good

• My eyes turn a really awesome aqua green colour after showering, swimming or crying. I wish try we're that colour always

They go a bit brighter than this. This is not me of course, dont remember my snoz being that big but possibly your just not telling me lol!

• My front left big tooth has a chip on the side of it & it's been replaced with a bit of porcelain (like from the loo). I chipped it after chasing my sister to school one morning when I was 8 & slipped on wet grass cracking it on concrete. Had to go home in tears to mum, who the poor thing was on her way to an interview. Needless to say she didn't get that job. Sorry mum x

There will be no picture for this, too yuk

• I love trawling the Internet for picture. Photos, art, craft stuff, drawings, home things, anything. I have like 30gb of pictures found on the net I like. I don't know why must have to do with the arty farty in me.
Great photo right? See worth sharing
• I know I ramble, I tlak alot when Im board, sad, happy, mad, and yes its embarrassing. I wish I could just shurrup sometimes. But this is me so there we are

  •  I have never seen Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman and dont really care to either. They just dont interest me. Its not that I havent seen any soppy love movies its just for some reason these both do not interest me.

  • I have a obsession with smelling nice. Well more correctly I dont ever want to be caught smelling bad. Dont know where this obsession came from but I freak out about smelling bad to other people.
Pepe le Pew thought his smell was amazing unfortunately Kitty found it unbearable.

  •  I like cleaning dirt from the hard to get to places. But the dirt that builds up in like the cracks of tiles in the kichen, or in between keyboard keys on phones, the hair spray build up on combs or brushes or like those odd things where you could get like a toothpick and scrape up all this dirt on the end? I like to clean it all off, yet Im not a clean freak. I mean I like things clean but its not always spotless. I dont even know, so dont ask.
I know you can clean it by soaking it in water but its soo much more fun to clean it by scraping all the hairspray stuff off lol! Ewww Rianna your disgusting - dont you judge I know you have a weird obsession too

  • I am scared of the fact that the universe is soooo big it - for want of non scientifical terms here - has no top, no bottom and no sides. This freaks me out yet it also amazes me, I mean whats out there wow! Also black holes what if one just decided to swallow us up? Hmmm okay nothing we can do about it but helloooo? Big scarey swallowy upy thing? Its like Galactus from Fantastic Four
or Unicron from Transformers
or an actual black hole that also fascinate me with what they can do and look at how pretty it is

  •  The only seafood I like is fish. I have tried to like prawns and calamari and oysters and all other random seafoody things but I just dont. Oh and the fish must be cooked. Okay so I lie a little, I recently tried prawn and it was okay becuase it was covered with something else that smothered its flavour so well it didnt bother me. Oysters just taste and feel like boogers, Crab meat is odd and shrimps well I wouldnt want to open their little bodies to get the meat out. Sooo there so far no seafood but fish for me.
You're the only fish in the sea for me....to eat

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