Monday, June 13, 2011

In Bangkok

Hi there everyone,

I have arrived safely in Bangkok. And so far I haven’t been the happiest. I miss everyone soo much already. I guess its extra hard because I am doing this on my own. I don’t have anyone to talk to or anything but this is what I wanted so have to persevere.

The flight was incredibly long. I had a headache for the first 4hours of the flight because I think of the tears and the jet lag tablets. Eventually got some panadol & didn’t take anymore tablets & felt better in the end. I couldn’t sleep on the plane properly which was a bummer but oh well you get that. We had some rough turbulence at various points so that scared me a little to have no one next to me that I knew. I was against the window, the seat in middle was empty & there was a guy in the isle seat. We didn’t talk much & I didn’t even know his name. He was more interested in movies & music. Suited me fine I wasn’t in the mood for much conversation. Thailand is so pretty from the air at night, its all flat and the lights are all orange and white so it looked so pretty to have just to two colours from the sky. IE: No green, red, blue type thing.
Landed on time about 8pm Thai time and went through customs easy & didn’t have to wait too long for my bag. The airport is massive though. Like I think it took a good 20mins or so before you got to anywhere re customs & so on. It was really nice, & pretty easy to navigate so that was good.

Through the gates & there was a lady there waiting for me to pick me up & bring me to Grand Ville Hotel where I am staying now. It ended up being a guy that drove me here in his van. WOW Let me tell you that was interesting. I think it took half an hour from the airport. It was an interesting ride, I felt safe honestly as everyone is driving at the same speed & knows what to expect. There's no hesitation like in NZ but ha if the driver wanted to be over two lanes as he was driving along then he & others were. Only half the people indicate & they all just switch lanes in any gaps they can find. The couple of scooters I saw only some wore helmets & they passed on the inside lane between vehicle & barrier (brave). It was mainly all highway even roads off the highways were just like highways. I think its only the very back streets or small ones that aren't. You would be traveling down a clearly one landed road & there would be cars that were coming the opposite direction, but it wouldn’t matter as it appears to be the norm. There would be baskets on the highway & you would just go around them, food stalls, people on the road, You would just go around. All smooth and I didn’t panic as like I said no hesitation like in NZ so it just worked.

Anyways got to the hotel in one piece :O) Checked in ok & went up to my room. I had a massive cry, sorted a few things then went to sleep. Would have been 9pm here. Woke up 6.30am time here. It is now 9.23am, I think its what 2 or something in NZ??? I came down after I gave it a bit of time & went to reception to use the internet but it wasn’t up & running so had to head away. I started feeling ill after being in the internet room & wondered if it had anything to do with the bottle of water I had, well not a whole bottle. I guessed it was safe as it was sealed with plastic & then you had to break cap seals to open it. But maybe its still tap water in there. FUN! However I put some water purification tablets in & hopefully will be ok later. Popped into get breakfast but I felt like I was going to throw up, so I went back up to the room & started feeling better. I didn’t throw up or anything YAY! However I have come back down again & started feeling sick again. So I wonder if its the air con down here????

Finally made contact with NZ too after some struggles. Called Gareth so good to hear his voice. The dialing out wouldn’t work for me, so had to come to reception to get them to do it. I asked Gareth to text mum, dad & lany so they all know I’m alive. I couldn’t top up my phone before I left NZ which is a bummer. After my last calls in NZ before I left the cell battery was all but depleted & when I tried to top up it advised that I had to create my account with vodaph. Couldn’t do that it just wouldn’t work plus I had shaky fingers & then the phone died. I have tried to top up here in NZ but I cant do it via a txt & it said I had used all my goes of trying to top up the phone. So I have internet only at the moment. I am receiving text messages but I cant reply.

Anyways I am not a happy lassy at the moment as its just a lot to take in on my own. So I am going to try use facebook, email people & update this in my blog. Then I am going back up to my room for a sleep I reckon. Maybe by then I will feel better

Miss you all heaps
Love Ri

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