Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 2 In Bangkok

Hi there Everybody!!!

So I am on day 2 in Bangkok. Its only 1.35pm and since I have been up since 6.30am this is dragging on a bit. Since I have woken this morning I have come down chatted to Gareth on gmail. Checked and replied to emails from family which was really nice & I have gone to have breakfast. It was toast and pancakes. Both were very very sweet so it was kinda gay but hey this is what happens when your in another part of the world don’t it?

This morning I ventured outside and went for a walk down to a park called Romaneeart Park. It is nice and close to the hotel so I didn’t have to go very far & on the same road as the hotel so I didn’t get lost. On the walk there I had to cross the crazy roads twice. Its pretty much just wait for all the traffic to chock up & cross as that way most of the cars aren’t moving. Scooters are the ones to watch out for and they even drive down the footpaths. But I made it across the road no issues. The park was nice I had a slow stroll round it to soak up time. It appears to be an exercise park as in the mornings there are lots of people running. Plus there is an outside weights gym thing & on the opposite side of the park where I entered there is like course stuff to go on, plus plastic gym equipment. It was nice, there was even a lady feeding a whole bunch of cats too cute. I took a couple photos of those. I even got chatted up by a local, he wanted to finish his 4 laps around the park then come chat with me. I politely declined. I also went down the road further to some markets down a side street under cover. It was all fabric and beads and weird stuff. I didn’t buy anything & luckily wasn’t pestered by anyone to buy anything. I unfortunately only passed the time till 9.30am so went back to the room and wrote a few things in a diary – in case I’m not near the net & can still tell about the day, listened to some music yes blubbered some more & looked out the window.

Eventually I went up to the roof & went outside to view the whole of Bangkok from the roof of our building. I filmed it too. I am thinking I might just wait till I get to London to put up all the videos sorry guys its just that it takes a very long time to upload videos to the internet & well I can't afford it, not can I afford it to cut out while I’m trying to upload videos. However I am about to put up the photos I have taken so far and will link that to you all so you can check them out. The heat here is pretty intense. Its a sunny day today which is nice but its really hot.

Round 12 I ventured outside again to head to some other markets. The streets had more street stalls set up on them than they did when I passed this morning. I went past a corner that was selling cameras, video cameras and laptops. If I had more money I may of brought a video camera just so that I can keep the two things separate. But I thought I can do that another time and I should really not buy big bulky things to carry round as my back pack is already pretty darn heavy as it is. I then walked through like a mall type thing. But it was a mall dedicated to fabric and some clothes and other tidbits. I was asked by a guy “want to buy a pretty dress” no thanks. I also had a few people with missing limbs and stuff try to get money off me. But I’m a sad cow as I need the dosh for myself sorry. I brought some food from the mall thing but didn’t eat it all cuz honestly it tasted gross. It was like a rices thing with eggs, tomatoes and capsicum, eggs and cheese in it. God I hope I don’t get sick from the little I ate. Came back to the hotel and had a chocolate doughnut. Meh I wish I could have food I can eat.

I tried to find like a dairy so that I could try purchasing a card to call type thing but there just wasn’t anything of the sort around so unfortunately peeps I will only be on email and facebook.

So I’m in here again board out of my mind and its only 2pm, so I decided to write another blog entry & try to upload photos for you all to see. I cant wait for the Intrepid trip to start tomorrow so that I can do something to keep me entertained for the day & talk with people. There is a lovely gentleman here that opens doors & helps out with various things who speaks good English but for the most part apart from him and reception I haven’t talked to many people. I have no idea what I am going to do for the rest of the day. I am going to go out and read the intrepid board soon. I read a little bit of it but there will people sitting in front & I felt a little rude. Plus on the tiny bits I did read apparently I’m not dressed appropriately. I should be wearing a t shirt that covers my shoulders & long flowy pants. Sheesh in this heat they are lucky I’m wearing anything. I know its a respect thing but I would pass out otherwise. Nothing to do with looking hot just being feeling cooler.

Anyways I’m going to put this on the blog. Email it to mum and Stone & then upload photos. Internet runs slower this time of day bugga that will make it harder to upload stuff in my 30 min allotment. Still miss you all so very much

Love you all
Miss you heaps

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  1. Oh wow hun, what a day! I know it's been a long one for you, but it's great you can have some rest time before you go on an adventure tomorrow. Will check out the pics :)