Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 3 Bangkok

Hi there Everyone!!!

Day 3 in Bangkok. Well I woke up at 4.30am this morning. Argh, that’s because that time is like 9.30am NZ Time. I tried my best to get back to sleep but to no avail. I lounged in bed until 6ish then got up to read. I then popped down to grab my breakky voucher and gleaned from the little English the lovely reception people spoke was that my meeting with Intrepid would be tonight at 6pm, also that I would be having someone else come into the room at 5pm today. So all and all not bad.

I’m missing real savoury food as all the western savoury food here (which is cheapest) is very very sweet. Including the bread. O well I'm eating that’s the main thing and I haven’t keeled over from it. I ventured out again this morning and walked round to a little river that I can see from my hotel room to take photos of it. Unfortunately it stank quite a bit so didn’t hang round that long. I went for a walk down one side street but there wasn’t much to it & it was a bit off the familiar track so I turned around to head back to one of the main drags. Still having fun crossing the roads, it really is wait till all the cars are chogged up at an intersection due to lights (which are on a count down timer how cool is that? So you know how long you got at red & how long the green will last NZ time to learn a few things) anyways, walked through some markets on the other side of the street and wondered round just looking at stuff really. If you can imagine all the 1,2,3 dollar shops all chocked up to the max with stuff and flowing out onto the streets. This is what these places look like just 10 times more intense. Some of it is the same stuff. Some laptops and cameras on side street stalls etc. I finally found a 7 eleven but unfortunately they didn’t have a card to call so I’m sorry but I cannot make phone calls to NZ. Internet will have to be it. Sorry mum, love you but that one call will be all I can make until I get shown how to do things properly. I walked past a shop selling sunnies and glasses and they had in their window display dried out baby crocodiles with the glasses sitting on their backs. Cool but gross lol!

Headed back in and read for a while as I just felt like it then made my way out again. This time with Frank in tow, the first time I have really brought him outside to photograph. I know slack so sue me lol! Anywhos, walked towards the park I went to the other day and snapped a few shots with him here and there then went all the way to the street on the other side of the park. Now this area was rather flash, clean and well kept. The road had an island in the middle and there weren’t street stalls set up all over the show. I soon discovered why – all the shops sold guns, rifles and knives of various kinds. Sorry didn’t take any pictures as I felt that I would be asked to delete or pay for the photo for some reason. I did however find it was the first place people weren’t all staring at me because I was white and had my shoulders bared they were all more interested in the guns hee hee. Found a local chemist so brought some moisturiser, thought of grabbing a few other things but my backpack is heavy enough as it is so was good and passed. Wandered around a bit longer but the heat was intense and I was sweating like a mad man so I decided to head back to the hotel for some lunch and a cool down. Oh ha and on the way back passed a ute parked up with 2 large barrels of Crocodile Grease in them – delicious NOT! LOL!

There has finally been a notice up for the Intrepid Meeting tonight. I think I need to get myself to a bank of some sort and get out more dosh as they are like you should need about 4 thousand Thai to suit you over the next few days. Ooops I don’t have that. The hotel here though does exchange US for Thai. I hope all will be ok on the money front, hoping that the tour guide will be able to direct me to places where I can get cash out. Yes the dreaded cash out in another country eeek! Has to be done though. Tomorrow we are heading to a temple so I have to wear pants that cover past my knees and a tshirt that covers my shoulders. Yes those who are thinking of coming to Asia (Alannah/Mel) You need to have clothes that cover your shoulders and go up to if not past your knees because for want of a better word you are pretty much a slut if you don’t do this. Plus you cannot go into temples without those parts covered. Another tip always deal with your right hand when handing over money & grabbing things. Your left hand is used to wipe your arse so they don’t use the left one. All in all everyone has been very kind and I have finally figured out that the coins with 5's on them are actually $5 not 5c lol score! More dosh for me. I took another video again today, just a boring chat in the hotel and actually I might scrap that one when push comes to shove and only upload videos that are interesting. That vid is just what I have said in this email and is really just an opportunity for family to see me.

Anyways I am going to try upload some more if not all the photos today so I am signing off. Not sure when I will be able to chat to you again because the tour starts tomorrow and I really should be precious about my money. Ahh burger gotta go upstairs and get the right cables. Rugger it. O well. At least im not signed into the internet when I type this.

PS had to sign off before as some creep was sitting behind me watching my every move on the pc. Plus my room mate turned up a lovely lady named Sandra :O)

Well love you all, hope your enjoying things. I will chat again as soon as I possibly can
Miss you Stone and Nikita xoxoxox Say hi to Dyl. Kate give my love to Mickaylah, Noah and Stella xxxx


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