Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hallo & Almost Farewell

Hey all, sorry been so long since I posted anything. I havent felt in the mood & if Im gunna write in this thing non stop on my travels than it has been nice ot have a break. Travel you say? Yes its getting closer to the time where I depart sweet Zealand and head for rain in Asia and sun in England. OMG! Im on a plane. Yeah so can ya believe how quick this snuck up? I fly to Bangkok this Sunday. Thats in 5 more sleeps. Just 5!!!! One night in Bangkok & the Worlds your Oyster! You know I'll be singing that there.
Friday was my last day at work. How weird is that I am no longer employed. Its one thing to wake up in the morning after a sleep in and know you dont have to go to work becuase your on holiday. But its entirely different to know that you actually no longer have a job & have no clue when you will get one again. So I had a lovely morning tea hosted for me & heaps of people turned up to that which was really nice. I had a signed card & was gifted a Kobo (electronic book for those not in the know). Which is fantastic as it means I can take all my books with me when I head overseas & not be weighed down by the weight of books. Score! I spent most of the day in a weird daze wanting to chat to people to farewell them & rather restless. End of the day popped up for drinkies with work mates. Was lucky enough to have some of the engineers pop up from Hamilton & a couple of ex workers come & farewell me. Awww how popular am I baa haa haa. It was a good night though. I set the bar by skulling my 3rd glass of wine & then when we all ended up at the pub after some jager shots & a black russian plus dinner proceeded to get rid of it all in the bathrooms for more partying. Haa haa yeah I'm a light weight. I also cant handle wine goes straight to ye ol head & its pretty much all over from there lol!

Saturday night was my farewell for family and friends. Was a great turn out but I chose not to drink haa haa yep I wanted to remember my party. Thanks to everyone who came was a good night. I had fun with the mustahces, lips & glasses on sticks. Sorry bout the vivid on ya faces from them lol! Only made for more laughs. Oh & I did my very first plank people! Heh heh I'm gunna do some planking in Asia maybe on a buddha or something lol! And then I got all scarey with my black tongue!
Oh yeah Im so hot right now

So this week I will be doing things such as going though what clothes I wanna take to Asia, closing off various accounts and so on and so on. Yeah so really there is just all the last minute crap and visiting and so on. Its gunna creep up on my sooo fast! OE Tomorrow before you know it


  1. Did you see the sonny bill williams fight on sunday? crack up as cause At the end of the fight a guy jumped up on the ropes and planked on the corner rope for like 5sec before security took him away hehe.

  2. No missed it sorry I was cleaning up after the party. Sounds like it was funny though :O)