Monday, May 2, 2011

Spaz Hands

So I had some positive feedback from my bitch and moan in the last update. Might I say I have been moving around a bit more lately. Not exactly hard out exercising but movement indeed. I have also tried to feel better about myself and my weight. I am not obese after all I am just a little larger around the belly that I am comfortable with having.

Anyways so enough about that soooo 6 weeks left in New Zealand. Phoawr and I am not overly excited yet. I am more nervous than anything. Just because I want to make sure I get all the last minute things sorted and my travel agent is as useless as tits on a bull. Has her commision for my purchase back in October and is slow as fuck to answer if at all and doesnt answer every question I ask just picks one that looks easy and replies to that one. So thats not doing anything for my nerves. Also the company I have spent money with to help me with a job, place to live and so on over in the UK provide shite loads of information to help me with rules and stuff but it doesnt help when the information they provide isnt streamlined. It varies slightly in everything I recieve. So I am forced to pick and choose through all the information and hope like hell I have the right stuff. Not too mention the upteen dozen contacts within the same company. Stick with 1 or 2 contacts please and make sure you both make contact with each other with what you are telling your customer FARRK! Good news is my CV is done. I chatted with the hiring guy within our work Malcolm D and I printed out the CV I put together and we went over what should stay and go within the CV. First thing that blew me away - 2 pages is the limit for CV's these days normally. Cripes I nearly had a heart attack with my 6 page monster. Mind you large font double entering and heapsa room so even with all my info I could of crammed it down to 4 pages. But with Malcolms direction and advice I got it down to the 2 pages. Which I am in agreeance is much nicer than 5 or more. Too much reading. I am a big one for you send me a funny email thats more than 10 lines long I cant be fluffed reading it. Takes too much time when your at work I even wont read a long funny email sent home lol so I cant blame someone who is wanting to hire who would see a good number of CV's not wanting anymore than 2 pages. Anyways it was a HUGE weight off my shoulders to get that done. I was soooo far behind in sending it to this company who will be helping me get a job. I set myself a date to have it to them by, went over it by 3 days but not much. Annoying thing is they havent even acknowledged they have recieved it GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Hence currently so far with experience I wont be recommending these guys to anyone. Their one saving grace is a guy named Dan who has taken over being my main contact and he is like me professional but light and is human. However he doesnt respond all that often. Still a bit better than my travel agent who never replies. I wont say all bad things about them yet. I havent met anyone yet and hey they might be finding me a job. But sigh it makes me god damn uncomfortable and fucking nervous We will get there Charlie we will

So the other things arent too many at the moment. Visiting friends, wokring, making lists of what I need to remember to do before I leave. Being lazy at home haa haa yes doing nothing like that helps me de-stress. I have visited my dad and brothers over Easter which was really nice. Done other things such as visit friends, scab papers that I want to have overseas with me and get a few other things ready. Yeah so just getting thigns rolling really

Anyways this is all I have to talk about nothing overly exciting but thought I would give an update. Oh and here is a vid I put together:
I cant put up the embeded bit as I dont think its there for those that upload the vids, but incase you havent seen it:

And here are some fun pix from the net I like that I decided to upload to make the entery slightly more entertaining:
What a neat tattoo
I love Polaroids
Pin ups are also amazing
So cute
My Heart
Belongs to Elvis & Music
Fun photo
& I love Sir Ian McKellen
Dont remember what these were but so neat
Danbos cousin???
Pretty Flowers
Ahh Vintage Cameras dont they just look beautiful?
I like this pic

Anyways thats all for now folks
Till next time

Post Script - I am looking on Gumtree UK myself for work. I found the almost perfect job. Just not familiar with London roads for driving, and not been a caregiver before. It was live in 2 weeks, go away for 2 weeks, so no accommodation for that 2 other weeks - Score TRAVEL!!!! But Im going to keep an eye out. Maybe I can find something similar to that.

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