Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doppelganger - Really?

Sooo this whole Doppelganger thing annoys me. How about you? The reason behind it is people are using the word Doppelganger to describe their lookalike or twin in a person. But have they ever even looked up what it actually means? A doppleganger is a tangeable double of a living person in fiction, folkelore and popular culture - not in everyday life. However Wiki goes onto say the word has come to refer to any double or look-alike of a person. The come to refer part is what Im going on about. It doesnt actually mean it but becuase so many people have started using it that way and using it as that meaning it will eventually mean that. Which is pretty intersting if you ask me because it made me think, how many words or "things" have changed meaning becuase of a wide misunderstanding of something? Or becuase they would prefer it that way. The most famous of this being Coca Cola's reinvention of Santa (*please see link below). To the best of my knowledge or again to peoples understanding through word of mouth Saint Nicholas was reinvented by Coca Cola as a red and white clothed chubby cherry old man. The Santa Claus name came about I would say becuase in places like Amsterdam Saint Nick was Sinter Claes, in the Netherlands there is Sinterklass. Ok so the change is probably a bit more indepth than that but the overall thing is said that it was Coca Cola who made him the red and white ho ho ho man we know and love today. Nothing is wrong with that just interesting how it came about. Sure it wasnt a misunderstanding but someone changed the way something was originally and everyones beliefs switched on how we saw something. Another thing is Google. Just the word mind, it was and still is simply the name of a powerful search engine on the internet. But because its easy to say "Google it" rather than go on the internet, use Google to search what it is you are after. Google has since become a verb in our dictionaries these days. Its what they call a 'transitive verb' becuase to google refers to using the search engine to find information off the internet. I know there are a gazillion more things to add but these are the ones I know off by heart and am writing about.

Soooo back to the who Doppelganger thing. Do you know (from Wiki) its a word also is used to describe the sensation of having glimpsed oneself in peripheral vision in a position where there is no chance that it could have been a reflection. Doppelgängers often are perceived as a sinister form of biolocation and generally regarded as harbingers of bad luck? In some traditions, a doppelgänger seen by a person's friends or relatives portends illness or danger, while seeing one's own doppelgänger is an omen of death. So knowing all of this I find it funny that people (not fictional tv shoes) go around saying "oh she's my Doppelganger" hmmm really now? Oh man its not like its a bad thing. Its a fad, its a fun word to use that people are using to decribe their double - best shown with TV Show How I Met Your Mother as thats the fun version. The Vampire Diaries is closer to the real thing wherein Elena's doppelganger is Katherine, who is bad and her arriving in was not a good thing to have happen. However technically seeing as Katherine is older "(born first), Elena should be the "bad" one. But in saying that Elena was the first character we met on the show so therefore it forces her to be Katherines doppelganger (well in my eyes anyways)

Anywho I just wanted to share some passionate thoughts on it. I am in no way the deciding factor on these things. I know there are alot more facts that enter into these things. There is always a bigger picture. TV Shows do these things becuase they can and its fictional. People like you and I do it because its a fun word to loosely describe the original meaning. I just wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Aside from that bit of either interesting or not information I have been making decorations for my leaving party. Yes I am making just some decorations as I would like to, I love decorationing. Ok sooo Im going with the whole "Photo Booth" idea that Shelley and I came up with for her Circus party. I made all the mustaches on sticks for that night and I loved it sooo much for photos with character I have decided I really want some photos like that for my leaving do. Sooo here are some photos of me in the making for them:
I was originally going to have them all on felt fabric with a cardboard backing but it didnt work, so now
I am just cutting the black mustaches out and glueing them to cardboard and eventually onto those wicked red and white straws
Im also doing glasses on sticks

I will take more pix of the process as I go but I am also doing paper planes and things with atlas pages but for now this is the fun I have been getting up to.

Saturday night I went to my mate Claires leaving do and met her travel buddy Kylie who is really lovely. They are doing their big OE and I will be meeting up with the 2 of them in London. Exciting Stuff!!!! But the exciting thing is they are thinking of going to New York for New Years! Wow you know what I think I might just do that!!!! How cool would that be? Asia in June, London in Between, New York in December and god knows where else I will end up inbetween. But thanks to them going I am FINALLY getting excited about my trip.
Only 33 days to go. I am still hideously nervous, because the place I was to be moving into right away have advised me that "oh the process takes 5-7 days" this was AFTER I had been advised I could move in immediately and I had even signed a form that said "when do you require accommodation?" and I said 14th July - the date I arrive. The thing that has been frustrating me is the lack of resonse to emails. I emailed a reply to his "oh 5-7 days" with evidence stating otherwise on the 5th of may. We are now the 10th and there has been no reply. Sure its only technically 2 business days but you would think you would want to reply to your client right away with something like that. But I tell you service is terrible. Im not even getting a "sorry this is going to take a little bit to look into, I will get back to you when I can" there is nothing. Last time I had them both up about not replying one of them came back with sorry I was away for one day (but the reply took 4 days) and the other one was 'sorry i was chatting with the one who was away' type thing. Well I didnt fucken know that. There was no out of office on, there was no communication with me to say "we are just working on that will reply when we can" COMMON CURTESY PEOPLE!!! Not only that where the fuck are their customer service skills? Dont fricken keep a panicked cusotmer in the dark over important nitty gritty details such as these, dont take more than 2 business days to reply to a customer who has freaken paid money to you. Where are their brains on this one honestly people? I just cant get over the delay in replies and if there are delays, why is there no keeping the customer in the loop. Even if you dont know what to tell your customer, you should at least be going back to them saying, we are looking into this for you, sometimes its even safe to say its a little more difficult than we expected so please be aware there might be a bit of a delay in replying properly, your cusotmer will be over the moon with a status update and also happy becuase they have an understanding as to why there is delay. What is so hard about stating these things to people? And dont come back to me with the dumb "Im so busy" excuse. Yeah you may be but we're all busy when it comes to work buddy. We find ways around exteding time in a professional mannor. And while not everyone may be sufficantly skilled in time management, there is still some "oh it will look rude if I dont reply" factor going on isnt there? Do you not check through all your emails and see what might be outstanding? Or things you may of missed. Sure you might put off some bigger tricker ones, I know we all do it. But again I state, advise your customer "Im looking into this for you" SIGH I dunno just letting my frustrations off my chest here. I dont know what its like to recieve hundreds of emails each day and maybe they do. But something wouldnt hurt right?

Also trying to make the tough decision of if I should leave my stars on my car when I go to sell it or if I take them off? Tough Decision - YES!
Stars On?
Not my car but this is my model without the stars. Also my wing mirrors are white not silver

Love this song:

Hot Stuff:
Jeffery Dean Morgan

Counting 33 days
* My Co-worker sent me this link and I thought it was so intersting I would add it on for anyone who might care to read it: http://snopes.com/holidays/christmas/santa/cocacola.asp
The claim: The modern image of Santa Claus was created by the Coco-Cola Company
Its a good read and I ate my words

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