Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Bit

So today after a bit of a hard word on one person Im trying to organise my travels with I got a reply. Although he was still not quite as helpful as I was hoping I am feeling a tiny bit better about things with the travel palns. And I replied back to his defensive email today & low and behold he has replied this evening. Well paint me purple and call me Barney but thats 2 emails in one day! Wee hee sucess! We are teaching cusomter service here people!
Now I'm now waiting anxiously for my Vietman Visa to be returned to me. Once that has come in I can book an appointment to see my travel agent and then I can FINALLY get my tickets and my itinary. I just know a massive weight will be lifted of my shoulders when I get that. I have started lists of what I need to do in my last few weeks here. I will soon need to look at starting lists of what in the world it is that Im going to pack and take with me. Eeeep Im just a little bit excited now.

Talking about A little bit I am sooo addicted to Lykke Li at present. Here is one of her older songs named Little Bit:
Also I'm Good, I'm Gone (I cant put up the cool video clip that goes with it but we are really after the song):

Went and saw Thor last night. Awesome movie. I'll say more on that later as I wanted an early night and the things I was waiting to copy have finished doing so, but before I go here are a couple of photos I have taken and edited for your enjoyment :O)
These were put through what is called a splitter then I put them throught he Lo-Fi app and voila magickal photos


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