Monday, April 4, 2011

Time for an update

I have been so completely obsessed lately with looking at other peoples blogs that I have negleted my own. I have been craving to get doing some crafting again. But its pointless to start anything at the moment with all the planning for overseas. So I have been falling in love with all the ideas I have been seeing on other peoples blogs and dreaming of when I will be able to start crafting again. Hopefully there will be a few tiny things that I will be able to make eventually. Like this one, I think I can do this one nice and easy before I head off, I have spotted it on so many different blogs, but this one looks like the cheapest option and what Im into at the moment is "free or terribly cheap". I will not make any promises but I will post up if and when it is made. Gotta find me some twisty ties yet, I have the beads. I found the tutorial on A Law Students Journey which ultimately I found though Flamingotoes have a look at their websites they are both links to millions of amazing crafters in this world and they are keeping me happy and day dreaming. Currently I am working on just something to do and keep my mind occupied with "making" something. Im doing a doodle. Yep a doodle, I used to do a few of them in school or on weekends to keep me entertained lol and I just started doing one the last week as I was feeling a bit stressed and wishing I could just pull out all my craft stuff and make/paint/photograph but knowing I couldnt. Needless to say it de-stressed me. Its nothing fantabulous, and its not yet finished but here is what I have so far:
Yeah there are a few pics on this page and yup its very girly. Meh just doing this for hours made me happy and at the end of the day thats all that mattered
Eventually the whole thing will look like this all the swirls around the little pix
Yes I have alot of patience when it comes to stuff like this lol
I think the cat is quite cute
Incase your wondering this is foolscap size & for those that havent an idea what size that is its: 215.9 × 342.9 mm

I'll post a pic of it when its completed. Here is some art from the past that I have made:
I made this for Claire's 30th. She's married to my cousin Steve
This was Kate and Antons wedding gift
A decorated paper Mache maniquin for me
A painting I did for my cousin Shelley and her hubby Mark, its in their lounge with the white bit at the bottom. Its Mark's wave, he's a bit of a surfer

I have managed to get out and take a whole bunch more photos which also makes me happy and I have run them through my favourite program Lo-Fi here are a couple of beauties:
I love this one
Just something different with a double exposure

Check out my stuff on Flickr  here

Hopefully will update you all a bit more later x

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