Monday, March 21, 2011

I can FINALLY Tell you all

Alot of my close family and friends are already aware but for those who are not, Im moving to London!
On June 12th I leave NZ for a 33 day tour through South East Asia with Intrepid on a tour called The Great Indo China Loop
Yeah sooo Im getting to go somewhere really pretty first. I am also crossing a few things off my bucket list in this trip. IE: Tavel along the Mekong River, Elephant Ride, Visit Halong Bay and yes even on a junk, and I get to see Angkor Wat baby!!! Weee heeee! Only places I dont get to see are Puket, Maya Bay and well I would of loved to travel through Tibet. Next time. Anyways I do it with roughly 12 others with Intrepid Travels. And Im really looking forward to it. Its a 12hr 45min flight to Bangkok OMG I have never been on a flight longer than 4hrs TIPS PLEASE! And then after the 33days in SE Asia I fly to LONDON!
Yep I am FINALLY doing it. All those that know me know I have been harping on about it for like the last 10yrs. To the point where no one believed I would acutally do it. Until I met G & he got my money in order. I paid off a 15G debt in 2 & a half yrs. Well actually I had been the minimum for about 2yrs or so before him so it wasnt the total 15. There was a credit card with 2 and a half on it and a personal loan with 12 on it. Oh so it really was 15grand. SHITE! Anyways that was all 100% paid off in April 2010. BIG Achievement. Then Gareth got me saving and saving hard. Ok so not as hard as I could/should be but enough so that last October I paid the $8 grand for Flights to Bangkok, Around Asia and up to London, the total travel of the actual trip itself. And my god that was alot of money gone. In a way I wish I still had it for London but I need to do this trip what if for some reason I dont get to do it again?
Anyways so that is paid for. Oh yeah I have a British Passport incase ya wondering, plus an NZ one.
Yeah sooooooo I have been purchasing things for the trip
My Backpack:

Sleeping Bag

Yes purchased the blue one in above photo. These guys are great!
 I have also purchased various other things that will help out. I still need to Renew my NZ Passport, get a Visa for Vietnam, save the 300pound for bond for London, get my CV Updated, and whatever else last minute things need purchasing for the trip.

Handed in my notice at work today. 11 more weeks there.
Ahhh will update you all as it progresses. I have 12more weeks before I go eeepppp

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