Saturday, March 19, 2011

Toys In My Photos

As you all are aware I am a photography freak. Sure I may not be the best with a camera but it doesnt stop me loving it. Recently I have been discovering my love for photography with toys in them so that they have a they toy is "alive" feel to them. You will of seen my insterst pop up from my Danbo post and well I thought I had posted a bit on this awesome photographer who makes barbie her main model. Apparently not or I just cant find it however this is her work, check it out its pretty darn cool. Barbie got bad, the photographer is a lady named Mariel Clayton, you can find her work here. Well anyways plus all the other stuffI have discovered online. So here is some toy photography I wanted to share with you that has been inspiring me:
I love this lil moster thing, I have seen him before but dunno where he's soo cute
This is from a series called Ninja Town
see more here
Avanaut makes Lego come alive
Avanaut's flickr Photostream
Hard to belive this is a toy and not a scene from a movie. The photograper has done an amazing job
This is titeled Acccio Ipod
The ever cute Danbo - I will own one after I have saved for him as they are a pretty penny
This is called a Dunny. Its a PVC bunny figurine. I was actually going to fork out the money for this lil dude (not the Ketchup one) for my photogrpay, but savings are a little more important these days so I havent purchased him
This is Munny. Ok so this one is computer generated but still its exactly what he looks like
Dunny and Munny come blank and its up to you to decorate them however you like. Or keep him white. My friend Daryl was given a large Munny for Christmas from his partner Vanessa.

So now you have seen the photography. I am not quite at that stage yet. I have simply purchased a plush Lego man whom I have named Frank. Frank is going to be in photos with me whenever I travel places. Much like people do with gnomes. Eventually I will get a Danbo that I can do the fun photography you can create with one. But until then Meet Frank:
Hello World! My Name is Frank, pleased to meet you!
Frank has already made friends with my lil dinosaur named Rawr
Rawr is pretty teeny, only stands about 2cm high
So you can get some idea of Frank and Rawrs heights, thats a standard Bic Pen 
When you take Franks hat off you can see his Nipple Head ooooops Frank your rude lol
Wait Rawr is ontop of Franks Nipple ohhh noooo



  1. Pleased to meet Frank! Great stuff hun it makes for interesting and fun photos :) The kids loved them to and if you ever need to borrow more toys for pics Dylan has plenty of Lego and Nikita has all the Barbies and stuff :)

  2. Aww thanks babe. I will def let you know :O) Will send them photos from me travels of Frank