Monday, April 4, 2011

today today

Still home sick today. So passing the time I'm awake with updating a slightly neglected blog (as I updated yesterday). So I found a new Camera Handbag that when Im all setteled with a steady income in London am going to purchase. My current camera bag is rather annoying. It's not very practical. Yes it looks after my camera's by way of not damaging them and has plenty of pockets. But it only has room for one camera and one lens and the biggest issue its a fucken nusance to get stuff in and out of. So the bag that I found is not only stylish but it has easy access. Plus its perfect as when I am out and about taking photos my camera bag kinda becomes my handbag. So what better thing to do than have them both combined. They are called Jo's Totes and for those who might be interested they can be found HERE . They are Camera bags for ladies. I cant help but fall in love. A camera bag that not only looks cute, but protects not one but two of my cameras plus a lens or two PLUS has room for keys, cell phone, wallet for when Im out and about shooting photos. Talk about HANDY :o)
This is what they look like:
They come in so many colours too
As much as I love the little flower on them I would say the one with extra pockets on the outside would be me as then I could have my cell, keys, spare battery & spare memory card in even easier access spots
Here is inside a Jo's Tote <3 I can put my Eos in, my little canon, a spare lens, PLUS remove that apple for my Diana Mini ooo I heart this handbag. They are about $89 USD (I presume US), So it's affordable, I just have to wait till Im all setteled into London and earning a regular income before I make the purchase, but obviously I will let you know as soon as its purchased (prob in about 6mths lol). I actually discovered this bag while looking through some craft blogs: Tatertots and Jello was where I discovered all about this lil beauty
Look at her cute as Logo
Jo Tote I will own you one day my pretty x

Last night Gareth came home with a gift for me. It was a book of a photgraphic history of Elvis
Aww this boy knows what I love Photos and Elvis <3
Some photos inside the book, yes people these are photos of photos
Elvis and Liberace, around the time they meet, they became lifelong friends
Jailhouse Rock!
Elvis and his parents, Vernon and Gladys
Into the Army
Elvis marries Priscilla
And they have little Lisa-Marie

Well I have been offered by Kate and Anton the use of their place for my leaving do. I cannot thank them enough for this kind jesture as it will help out soooo much. Conditions are I clean & set up before hand, then clean & tidy afterwards DONE & DONE! This is the very least I could do for them offering me the use of the place. It will help me immensly. Im going to get everyone to bring a plate and will do a few other things incase not alot of people can do things. I will organise chairs and so on closer to the time. But I am going to have a Photobooth area set up - no Im not going to hire one, god they are sooo expensive. But I am going to section off an area where we can all go sit and have crazy zany photos taken. I'll have mustaches on sticks, glitter hats, glasses on sticks and a few other fun things :O) Fun! I cant thank them enough will have to get them a little something to say thank you afterwards.

Till next time my peeps


  1. Jesture? That must be a funny gesture. lol

    Elvis's parents look kind of scary!

  2. haa good at spelling as always lol
    They do look rather scary. Its as he was saying goodbye to them as he went off and joined the Army