Monday, March 7, 2011

My Weekend Monday

It was relaxing people and thats really all there was to it. I visited my Shell Bell and destressed chatting to her. I sat around the house and did NOTHING! And it was bliss. My foot is healing nicely now. I am still walking with it on a bit of an angle (more on the side) but its only a day or two before I expect all to be wonderful with it again.

And personally I cant be bothered writing anymore, apart from my tooth FUCKING hurts!!!! I need a root canal seriously bad, but I cant farken afford it. I just have to allocate too much of my money elsewhere at the moment. I will explain April 25th

Anyways Im tired and just wanted a quick lil update, oh I forgot to mention I was given a Service Award at work friday night! It was for helping out with engineers, always being able to help out when needed, being able to get the job done with a smile and being able to be relyed upon. It was a pretty good feeling


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