Sunday, March 6, 2011

He wasnt the first

Am I the only one in the world who read a story prior to 1997, in a readers digest magizene about a guy who got trapped under a boulder for ages and who had to cut off his own arm with a blunt swiss army knife in order to survive?
I know 100% that it wasnt Aron Ralston becuase I read the article in the readers digest prior to 97 & Aron wasnt trapped till 2003. I know it was prior to that date as my Nana passed away in 97. Nana used to have hundreds of the readers digests and when my sister and I were sent up there most school holidays well I got to reading a few of them. It so happens this is the story I remember the most.
Now I thought that this movie 127hours was all about the article I read, and I was pretty keen to watch it.  But apparently not. Its all about Aron Ralston which is cool and wow for him and all that becuase my god what a decision, how brave!
I have tried to look up on the internet about the story I read in the mag, but every single freaking search result mentions Aron Ralston - again not trying to be mean to him but jsut trying to find the article I read - simply beacuse I wanna find it. Not becuase Im trying to say Arons is a fake cuz clearly its not have you not seen pictures of him. But either way I'm baffeled and I hate it when you know you have read or seen something and its on the tip of your tongue, or all the evidence suggests the contrary. If there is any consolation my mum has read the same story out of the same mag up at Nana's place. But that doesnt help anything, I wanna find my story! {stomps foot and waves arms around in a tanty}
Anywho, it just bugged me and I had to get it off my chest. And I know there is bound to be plenty of other stories similar to this, I mean who can there not be? Its just bugging me as I thought 127 hours was all about my guy in my story then I found out that happened in 2003 & Im like but how could I read the article of the same story prior to 1997?!?!?! And there my confusion started.

And for Aron well done to you mate, and to anyone else who has found themselves facing a cut it off or die situation like that becuase my god you are unbelievably brave! I mean I would like to think I could do the same if I was faced with a similar situation but I know how tough (literally) it would be to make the decision of removing your arm/hand/leg whatever. Becuase its your arm!

I love you body and all my body parts as much as I might not be happy with a podgy belly, you work, your all in one piece and you keep me going from a to b and thats the best that anyone can ask for.
 Haa haa although I always look like a dweeb, I def still love it
 Kinda better still blurry though
 The lil pic I drew to do the photos cuz it was fun and I've seen others doing it
Awww heart for you


  1. Don't know if you still check this, but.. I was watching TV tonight when I heard Ralston went through his ordeal in 2003. I thought they misspoke, b/c I was CERTAIN about where I was when I read the Reader's Digest story. It was definitely the mid 1990's. Trying to find info now..

  2. I knew that I had read something like his story before. I wonder if it was just Aaron's story was was that he trapped 5 days or something & this other guy wasn't? Or maybe it just happens to be in a day & age where the public are more interested in their 'local celebrities' if you will, as well as Hollywood celebrities due to the whole social media thing?? But I'm glad I wasn't dreaming it up lol :O)

  3. And I completely forgot to re-check your blog. Sorry.
    Thing is, in the story I read, I remember the gory details of how he stuck the knife in his now dead thumb, and the pain he described when cutting the final nerve. I remember seeing the 1st 5 seconds of the movie trailer on TV, and that story popped in my head. It was too vivid to forget.
    Other than your blog, I can find absolutely no one else mentioning it. I was more thinking that it boiled down to Hollywood creative rights.

    Or maybe we're just both crazy? lol

    1. All good, I've been slack with this blog lately. Agreed though I spent ages trying my best to hunt down on the Internet the original gory story. But just like you found nothing. I mean I thought that movie was based on his experience, but nope.
      At least there is more than me that remembers it though :)