Thursday, March 3, 2011

Theme Thursday

You didnt get an update yesterday as I decided not to go on the pc at all.
Today gunna make it theme, kinda like the way I get my emails from Etsy. Today Im just going to put up picutres and the Theme will be Black and Red to support our beloved Christchurch, first a picture from CHCH:
 Christchurch Cathedral
 The Book Im currently reading. Black background, red words & sorta red lips
 Im sure many familys and friends, the nation and even world wide are saying this.
Black hair & nails, red lips
 This is a hairband on Etsy that I rather like
Red stripes, black hair
 Love indeed, for Christchurch
Pic off Etsy
 This is an identical picture of an old red and black jewellery box my mum used to have
 For my love of the stars I show you ETA Carinae 2
 Red and Black wreath made by a talented someone on Etsy
 I love the hair band soo much. Wish I could afford to purchase it from the lady who makes them on Etsy
Red hair, black top
 Red and black dressed Circus Ring Master
 New Zealand Pohutakawa - Our Christmas Tree
 The cover of Snow Patrol's single for Take Back The City
 The comic book of a tv show that I started watching. Need to get to more episodes. Im too lazy though lol
 Found a whole bunch of these when I clicked on a pic that was teaching you to make paper cranes
 Too cute
 Heh heh well maybe tomorrow
 I do indeed
 Poster for Dark Knight
 Hehh hehh cute lil scarey batty birdy thingy lol
Love Birds

Caught red handed
 Red and Black Sparrows - the famous tattoo bird design
 Ladybird Love
 My Heart breaks for Christchurch
 Black red and orange photography
 Red and Black we got ya back
Support with red and black
 T-Shirts you can purchase to fundraise for CHCH & Support them
And the heart breaking result of the aftermath that caused the end of Christchurch Catherdral.
Rest in Peace those that passed away from its collapse
Also rest in peace to the 161 who passed that have been identified so far as of 8.55pm3/3/11
And my love and thoughts to all of those affected, friends, family, colleges.

Kia Kaha Christchurch!

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