Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lack of Motivation quashed I hope

Soooo back to the weight loss thing I havent been doing. It seems that I need someone to motivate me when I want to get fit. I guess that was one good thing about the gym, I was paying money so more inclined to go. But gyms arent really for me, I prefer the classes as uncoordinated as I am, they are always more enjoyable. Sooo I stopped becuase Im a bit of a fail. I had a sore knee. Then it went away with rest I got out there again once and becuase I hadnt been at it again regularly I just lost motivation. Too tired to get up in the morning. Wanted the extra bit of sleep. Didnt take the long walk home from work becuase after a day at work just wanted to go straight home and eventually found myself not exercising again. LAZY if I do say so myself.
I need someone to challenge me I think. Im going to try and get some people - hopefully I have attempted numrous times but it always fails - to do the 10,000 Steps a day with me, becuase that way Im moving at least. If I was rich I wouldnt mind one of those Nike+ iPod Sensor & Sport Band thingys. But alas the world is a cruel place and I will just deal with what I have. Which is always much nicer on the pocket anyways.

So I kinda missed this monday but I am wearing the pedometer already and aim to do 10,000 steps a day till the actual start date of the 12weeks thing. I will start Monday 28/02/11 ........ Ooooo so the update since I typed in the date is I had a brain wave and I invited friends to do the 12 week ten thousand step a day challenge with me. I have a few people interested already and we are all going to start monday! So this will be awesome I am going to have people there to challenge me to make sure I do the ten thousand steps a day wee hee exciting!

Anyways on a more sad note. Christchurch was again hit by a large Earthquake. Most kiwis will know the story inside and out by now but for those who dont, at 12.51pm today CHCH was hit by a 6.3 earthquake only 5K deep so it caused alot more damage than the September 4th Earthquake last year of 7.1 the September one claimed no lives mainly becuase it was in town and at 4 in the morning roughly. However very heart breakingly this recent one has taken 65 lives so far and they fear many more. On top of that countless people have been injured and the search for people trap is such an ongoing thing and big task down there at the moment. Its just horrible, its so sad, we as a nation were so lucky with sept 4th one and then this came and knocked the heart of the city to its knees. Our news has been covering it since it happened. We have had help from Australia and America offered, amazingly there was a doctors confrence with doctors from Melborne all over here and they have thankfully survived and are able to help. How wonderful that there could be extra help like that with our emergency personal stretched to its limits. My heart goes out to them all. My cousin Reece I have heard through the wonderful world of facebook is ok. Also all staff members from our Fujistu CHCH branch are safe and sound. This is good to hear but I really hope there isnt too much more bad news for CHCH and no more aftershocks that bring buildings down.

Please take the time to think about those that have lost their lives and the people who need to be found. Please take a moment to think about all those in Christchurch now x

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