Sunday, February 6, 2011

We had a flower

This plant sprouted in the pot on our deck recently. Heaven only knows how it came about as we have been doing nothing with it we meant to throw it out becuase it had Black Nightshade in it when we first moved in but it stayed. So this cute lil green plant started to grow and then a week ago I was out on the deck and volia we have the above cute lil flower. So I photographed it. Lucky I did as its already gone. But the plant has grown larger and with any luck we may get another one. No idea what type of flower it is though.

I made my very first Paper Crane. I would like to try make 1000 so I can make a wish. Probably going to take me a few years and if I do it or not is the next thing. But here she is Number 1, Oooo maybe I should photograph every one I make. I really gotta get the hang of actually making them first lol! It isnt as easy as I thought it was going to be. Next time I will make a colourful one:
G taught me how to make it, they arent easy

I finally started writing in my book again today. However I got distracted trying to find pictures so I could look at something and try and decribe the thing in the image. That ended up wasting half my day and I only ended up tidying up a few sentances in the story so they made more sense but the main thing is I got writing again. One of my new years resolutions was to try find the time to write in it once a week at the very least. I have thought that maybe I might head down to the local library to do the writing as trying to get Gareth to put on headphones so that I can write in quiet (as I need that) is impossible. So my best bet is to venture elsewhere.

Ha my other new years resolution was to not spend so much time on the internet/my pc as Im turning into a lard arse lol! That has kinda worked. I have started one night a week going for an hour walk with my sister as I need someone to exercis with to keep me motivated. I also am trying to arrange that one other night a week I go out somewhere. Like visit my cousin Shelley or someone else. So far success but have only been doing it one week lol!

Oh I wrote this a while back but ended up getting board with typing so I gave up. But in between Christmas and New Years while we were staying up at Snells beach. One night when John, Anton, Gareth and I were sitting outside next to the braizer, melting marshmellows and sipping port Anton happened to look up and catch a meteorite. He alerted us to it and we all watched in utter amazement as this beautiful bright meteor streaked from one side of the night sky to the other. It was huge and I dumly sat there going "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" It was stunning, it had the longest tail and was very bright. This is the closest picture I could find online of what we saw.

Well until I can think of more things to update on here, enjoy the rest of ya weekend everyone

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