Monday, November 8, 2010

So far so good

Ok so got up at 6am this morning, weighed myself - turns out I weigh exactly the same as last night lol! Anyways all good I'll weigh in next week. So I did day one this morning, 10mins walk, alternating walking & running a minute for 6mins, then I walked 4mins to cool down & came home to stretch. The walking was brisk & the running was probably moderate speed. I popped over to Ponsonby way as per my sisters instructions. So I walked up a hill to get there and walk/ran down on the way back home. When I got home I did my usual sit ups 3 lots of 15 sit ups with 30second breaks. I feel pretty good, it was definately nice to have energy in the morning for ages when I got into work, especially with it being a monday. Gareth didnt even notice that I got up which was a bonus as I've been grumbled at in the past for getting up as he "can't sleep". Stupid me though forgot to take my perdometer out on the morning exercise. So will just have to make up for it tonight by walking a bit. This exercise regime thingy says Tuesday I should be doing exercises instead of a walk/run mixure. Its called Tone Zone - which is Strength Training. Although I think I might just head out for a half hour walk anyways to do a few things: 1) Get the 10,000 steps achieved 2) Make sure the 30minutes a day thing is also acomplished & 3) Becuase its acutally really nice to go for a walk first thing in the morning. Wakes you up and freshens you for the day.
I dont see any halm in walking, getting moving is always the best thing. Gareth is letting me use his exercise gear after him on the two days a week I need it. I just have to find my own alternative to something called a Bosu "a what now?" A Bosu - its half a swiss ball

Haa haa I had to ad this pic, 2 Reasons - its an exercise picture from the website I am getting the training guide from: Womans Health and the red headed fit exerciser is doing an exercise called a "Bosu Burpie PushUp" - That's right Burpie PushUp. So does that mean if I do this push up I will be Burping? I want to try it! Just like I want to try the Tai Chi move that will make a grown man crap his pants and not know why. Rod Kimble you are my hero! ;) - for those who are unaware please watch Hot Rod, go on you know you want to.

I am keeping a food diary as well - so you get to see what I eat Ohh how lucky for you lol!
Here is today's entry. Not too bad but not good either. I got hungry so had a second slice of my fruit thing when I possibly shouldnt of even had one in the day. Its not diabolical its just its not the best when I'm aiming to trim down and tone up. I am not calorie counting. I tried it once before, I dont think I could do it for longer than a week. I can see it being helpful and also something that would drive a sane woman crazy. So I will just - from now on, watch what I eat. And becuase I am of the motto "All Things In Moderation" I will not no way no how deprive myself of good things. I will just limit when I have it. Gareth does his bad food thing on the weekend. I might just make it sunday. No money really helps in that department.
Week One / Day One
2x Wholegrain Slices Burgen Toast
Jam on one and Marmite on the other
1 large glass water
Morning Tea
Coffee 1 tsp, 2 raw sugar tsp, Soy Milk
1 slice sultana & walnut load Homemade
Begal with 3 slices ham, 1 slice Edam
Cheese & small amount Tuimato Sauce
1 Fruit Stick Musli Bar (19g)
Afternoon Tea
1x Rose Apple
Coffee 1 tsp, 2 raw sugar tsp, Soy Milk
Chicken Balls, Corn, Peas, Brocolli,
Cauliflour. 1 slice sultana & walnut loaf
1x 750ml Bottle Water

My issues will be tiredness, sugar cravings and the times I get hungry when I have already eaten. Lets see how I cope. I will not put my steps up till tomorrow as I wont know how many I have done till its time for bed as I'll be walking around more.
Oooo so got to see new born little Stella Rose Mitchell on saturday what a little cutie she is. It was a nice and quick birth for Kate. Which is good considering last time when she had Noah. Im so proud of her :O) Stella Rose its such a lovely name.
Only 10 more sleeps till Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part One comes out. Wee hee shall be awesome. But will be weird for it finally to be finished.
Here are some of my Poladroids (Photography by Me):
 The Birdcage on moving day
 Some of Spaghetti Junction
 Flowers at the Botanical Gardens
 Pretty Bell Flower
 Flower and Stat ue? hee hee
Orchids - my mums favourite flowers
Anyways will post more tomorrow or soon as I can be bothered.
Oh and best of luck to anyone else out there who may be on the same path as me :O)

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