Tuesday, November 9, 2010

haa haa intense

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
- A. Einstein

Ok so yesterday I did 6075 steps - not including the walk/run I did that morning becuase I forgot entirely to put it on. And well judging by this mornings steps when I got back I would of done roughly 4000 steps as I walked the same distance this morning. So Im going to estiamte thats exactly what I did yesterday which means that Monday I walked a total of 10075 steps. Yay Day one over Ten Thousand Steps :O)

Oh my mother fucking goddess these exercises are crazy hard. Now I know any new exercise should be hard and especially harder when you are unfit but freaking heck I found real gold with these exercises. Jeepers, I will be sore tomorrow. I didnt finish them all, I got 5 of the 7 exercises done, completed all the sets its just when I got Garfeth to do a couple of the exercises he pointed out that they were exercises for people who were fitter & more flexable than me. I should throw myself in the deep end with these exercises as I could really injure myself. He said they are good exercises just really intense. So he recommeded that Thursday when it came to doing the exercises the next time round I should do 5 out of the 12, work myself up towards the 12. So will do that becuase I was falling over and shaking worse than jelly while doing the exercises. I thought it was just becuase I was unfit. Apparently not lol! For anyone who is curious, these are the exercises I was doing. Please give it a go yourself and see how hard it is becuase the lady who does the exercises in the video clips makes it look like a breeze.
Oh and twenty minute workout my arse. I was an hour in and falling apart. This is exercise one:

Its called Test the Water & Bicep Curl. So I did this on my computer chair (no wheels) as had no planks. You are supposed to put your leg off the side and sqaut down a few inches, its like what you do on the side of a swimming pool to test how cold the water is with your foot rather than bending over and testing with your hands type thing. At the same time you squat you curl the dumbbells up like in the picture. These are supposed to weigh 4kg each to start off. So not only did the leg that stayed on the chair have to be right on the edge so I could get my leg off and down properly, it was like an intense thigh work out lol :O)
Another one, move 4, was difficult after doing 3 rep sets before it that really worked out thighs and legs. Any way so your supposed to put one leg behind you a few feet, move your hips forward and lower the weights to the ground at the same time lifting the extended leg out in the air so you form like a T shape with your body. Then you pull the weights up to chest as in picture below 12 times while keeping your leg in the air. Well this move had me in fits of laughter as I could hardly keep my leg up in the air, then I had problems lifting it at all and also staying balanced was becoming a problem. But it was the funniest. All the 30second breaks between each rep were longer. So taking Gareths advice and will be doing less reps on Thursdays exercises and will work my way up to 12 hee hee.

 So glad I went for the half hour walk this morning. Think I will do a half hour walk in the morning and in the afternoon to help myself with the movement thing.
Food today has been moderate. Although after trying these exercises for the time I did and shaking like Shelley afterwards I needed sugar. So I had a second thin slice yet again of my sultana & walunut loaf (which I might add is made with wholemeal flour, with raw sugar & only has 45grams of butter in the whole thing).
This is day two diary:
Day Two
2x Wholegrain Slices Burgen Toast
Marmite 1, Peanut Butter the other
Morning Tea
Strawberry Fruit Stick Musli Bar
Coffee 1 tsp, 2 raw sugar tsp, Soy Milk
Begal with 3 slices ham, 1 slice Edam
Cheese & small amount Tuimato Sauce
1 Fruit Stick Musli Bar (19g)
Afternoon Tea
Coffee 1 tsp, 2 raw sugar tsp, Soy Milk
Apple Fruit Stick Musli Bar
Lamb Curry with Capsicums & Onions
Thin slice fruit loaf
2x 750ml Bottles Water

I will let you know how many steps I have done tomorrow as its not yet sleep time. So far though it is up to 13445 (honestly) and its 9.15pm. I got more as I helped out in the Warehouse logging in monitors so walked around alot down there from about 2 till 5pm. Tomorrow is more walk run stuff :O)
Here is some of my photography put into the Poladroid Program, enjoy:
 Candle at Nick & Lisa's wedding
St Michaels Church where Nick & Lisa got married
 Sunset over Newton, corner of Upper Queen & Newton Rd
Fresh Vegies at Matakana Market

Anyways peeps till then ciao for now

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