Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hubba Hubba

Walking home tonight I passed a bunch of young blokes who were stalling their car, then laughing at one another over the results. I was just past them when I heard a wolf whistle sent my way. I know it was aimed at me becuase I looked around to see who they were whistling at, or whose cell ph photos type thing & spotted that on lil old Randolph Street there was no one else but me, the guys & their car. What confirmed it even further was the ever so sexy (NOT lol) head nod or whatever it is the hell us young people do these days with lips ever so slightly pressed out and all. That universal hey whatsup, how you doin, yup nod.
Rather similar to this ever so Stylish gentleman but much faster and with a come hither look on the face :) Anywho around to the point, the point is I went inside smiling all the way up to the apartment & proceeded to tell Gareth some guy wolf whistled at me. To which he laughed & I said well Im wold whistle worthy arent I? He nooded & then I got one from him too. Aww shucks dont it make you wanna puke? lol!

Went out for the walk/run part of my exercising again this morning. Wednesdays work out as follows:

Walk 10 minutes.
Next 8 minutes alternate running 1 minute and walking 1 minute.
Walk 2 minutes.
Well for fook sake it was hard. I mean it was easy as on the chest and all but with the exercises I did last night my thighs and butt were giving me hell. I took 13,553 steps yesterday. Pretty good if I do say so myself. Today as of 7.30pm I have taken (1st time looked all day) .........

Dramatic waiting sharks Dun Dun Duh Dun
Look at that over 10 thousand steps already and its not even the end of the day. Rockin! I think I'll do the 10 thou daily at this rate. Dinner however has not agreed with me and I have a rather sore upset tum. I didnt overeat but maybe it was just the food was crap. I had a bad dinner, hot chips, broccolli, cauliflour & Lamb & Rosemary sausages. I asked Gareth last week if we could get sausages as we havent had them in donkey's years so we got some nice ones. Aparently not they no make me happy - sad clown face here:
Haa haa is it weird that when I was looking at the right sad clown face to put on this blog I found myself turning my mouth down like the above while hunting for the picture?
Just like last week when I was cutting out stuff for the Fireworks decorations and I found myself opening and closing my mouth/teeth to match the cutting with the scissors Baa haa haa haa. Its like when people play car racing games on the play station & they turn with the corners. Why people why? (By the way the eyes on the above clown are scarey but he had the right uptuned mouth for me liking).
Speaking of clowns I remember this beautiful bedspread my mum used to have when I was younger with a Pierrot Clown on it. They are those black & white clowns usually with a large frill thingy around the neck. The closest I can get to what I remember she had was this:
This was the Pierrot Love Stationary but there was a lady similar to this on mums duvet cover. Mum had some really pretty things.

Day Three Food Diary

2x Wholegrain Slices Burgen Toast
Marmite 1, Peanut Butter the other
Morning Tea
Strawberry Fruit Stick Musli Bar
Coffee 1 tsp, 2 raw sugar tsp, Soy Milk
Lamb Curry with Capsicums & Onions
Apple Fruit Stick Musli Bar
1x 750ml Bottle Water
Afternoon Tea
Apple Fruit Stick Musli Bar
Apple & Fruit Slice
3x Sausages, small chips, vegies
Coffee 1 tsp, 2 raw sugar tsp, Soy Milk
1x 750ml Bottle Water

Apparently I was hungry today
Anyways I have put up all I want, check out these:
The cloaked man warned the buyer of the power of the potion,
The painting is called "Pierrot's Love". It was painted in 1905 and is another good example of ambiguous image. I think it is brilliant that the cuffs of the clown's costume makes the nostril holes of the skull. I have a feeling the Skull is involved becuase in the end Pierrot's love leaves him for Harlequin
Christian Dior used the ambiguous skull image to promote the perfume called Poison.

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