Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Short Walking

So I find it really funny anytime Im out walking and behind me there is a shorter person trying their very best to overtake me. I'm slightly tall, not crazy tall or anything, Im only like 5 foot 6" but its taller than alot of people. Namly woman. Anyways I'm  just walk along at my normal pace and I catch out the corner of my eyes these feet moving in & out of my focus really quickly. 
Their little feet moving so fast they blur lol!

I know its a short person trying to get up speed & over take me on the highway that is the footpath. It can often go on for quite some distance. They try to make their little legs move fast enough to over take me. Occasionally they succeed, but sometimes I get cruel & acutally start walking fast, it makes the game more interesting that way. The good ones will speed the hell up eventually over take me, they bask in their glory of being out front till dissapear. Sometimes when I put my foot down (haa haa excuse the pun) I leave their little short arses eating my dust. You can almost hear them think "damn it too fast, next time tall person, next time". 
Then you have some tall people who are poliet enough to drag the short people along for their ride in the fast lane just like Katie & Tom
Ahh so this is what their height difference really looks like. Tom must always go on top
Hee hee

Anyways so the weight loss thing. Well I didnt weigh myself last week as it was that time of the month for me, so I will be doing the weighing on Friday morning. I have'nt had it all that good. Although I have been good & doing over ten thousand steps a day. I dont feel like I did my best last week, I exercised 6 out of the 7 days. I was a bit slack & only did one of the two days of actual exercises. Yet on the days I was supposed to rest or only do the exercises I still went out for half hour plus brisk walks, so still making sure I get out for a bit anyways just becuase I wanted to make sure I did over 10 thou steps per day. I have found I really enjoy getting up & having the energy I do after morning exercise. I just need to learn to go to bed earlier. Which is something I havent been doing. Anyways will update you later on with how the exercising goes and so on. Here is the proof I have done over 10 thousand steps a day:

And here is the hot guy thats going to motivate me:
Joe Manganiello
And this is how I probably look when I run lol!
Just like the beautiful Kate Hudson

ENJOY my awesome little short walkers x

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