Friday, November 19, 2010

Weigh In Day

"Ordinary life does not interest me. I seek only the high moments. I'm in accord with the surrealist searching for the marvelous"- Anais Nin.

So this morning was weigh in day. I completely forgot to do the whole measure round the waist and so on so will more than likely do that tomorrow morning seeing as I am not going anywhere tonight so weight and so wont of changed much in 24hrs (i hope)
Weight: 69.9kg - sweet so I have lost 1.4kg in 13days! Not bad at all
Belly Circumfrance: 88.5cm - down from 69cm
Thigh Circumfrance: L: 60.5cm down from 61 R: 61cm down from 63
Fitness Level: Poor
BMI: My new BMI is 25.06 which is only slighly down on 25.72 - This means I am just ev ever so slightly overweight but there is not alot to loose.
GOALS: 65kg & actually fit

Im about to go to a party tonight and throw all these good results out of the water. But today is my rest day. So I will be out exercising again tomorrow. Things that I have found since I have been exercising: I have been grumpier. I dont know if that is becuase I have been getting up earlier in the morning and still going to bed at my usual late time or what? But I have found I have been snappier from the middle of the day on. I have had less desire to be at work, have been really wanting to get outside move around, or do crafting at home and I have found I have been seriously craving sugar like I never used to. Annoying to say the least especially when you have put yourself on a diet and are wanting to be healthy. After consulting doctor Google it informed me the problem with training very hard is that we use up our carb stores really quickly and we tend to crave sugar. But honestly people I didnt think I was taking it that hard. In fact I have been starting off easy specifically. So tell me why people am I craving sugar?  Other things well feeling really good and refreshed when I have gone for my walk/run in the morning so thats really nice. Didnt know how energised I would get so thats pretty cool :O) Well continue exercising, continue eating well and you will see how things go over the weeks.

Oh also I must say doing the same exercises (from the Womans Health mag online the ones I said were really hard) but doing about 5 instead of 12 has been alot easier. I have still felt muscles are being used that dont normally & I have not been sore afterwards.

My downside friday was I couldnt walk. Thursday night I was walking around & noticed my right ankle was sore. It went away so I was happy as pain is bad ha. Anywho woke up in the morning & could barely put my weight on it. This was a bummer as this morning I was supposed to do a walk/run. I passed because of the pain & awkwardness. Anyways got up to work by limping all the way & feeling like an abosolute git. Later on in the morning when about to head up for the morning coffee, after having my ankle inspected by workmates who declared it swollen I was wheeled up the hallway on a chair & my coffee made for me. Haa haa I should injure myself more often. I giggled the whole way there. A work mate suggested I should continue to exercise but in ways that wont put a strain on the ankle. Fricken thing. O well.

Anyways cant be bothered for anymore update as I have a lot on today
Have a great weekend all
Ri x

Cherry Blossoms at a mates place in Murawai

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