Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grrr face on

Cars, dont buy an old one. My car has been in at the mechanic trying to pass its warranty. Every time they touch the darn thing they find another thing wrong with it. Rear drums - purchased them, they tried to put them on the car and hello I need break shoes! Well why didnt you spot that the first time round when you checked the car? Ok so purchased Break Shoes & oh Rianna we couldnt adjust your right front headlight any further you need a new one this is needed to pass a warrant, looks like you had an accident. Yeah 3 warrants ago, why didnt you tell me to buy a new one then arrrgggghhhh! So far $300 to be spent on it at the mechanics, outside the money I spend on the rear drums and break shoes. Now I have to hunt me down a light, so are they going to put the light in and find something else is wrong with the car? I have poured so much money into this thing its cost me what I paid for it 3times over by now. I just want it to go away but I need a car
So I got my Grrrr Face On!
I am hoping the car will be up & running this friday. I paid for the light today & got T Parts to ship it but I dont think it turne up to my mechanic till really late in the day humph Im still pinning my hopes on getting the car by tomorrow though.
The other thing that caused me to get my Grrr face on today was my stoopid abnormial smear again, I will have to go in for another painful chop me up, but if it means I dont get cancer well who am I to complain. Dont fret all its not that bad this is common apparently just not nice. Also this site I order parts from at work was pissing me off today. It has hissy fits at you just becuase you place far too many orders for it on the one day and then it makes the remainder of your orders difficult.

However I have come home and destressed alot. Which is exactly what I needed :O)
I have been all arty farty lately doing stuff for the Guy Fawkes corporate connect drinks tomorrow at work. Its been heapsa fun. I will put a few picks up of those crafty bits after the night.

Oh and note to self: Never wake boyfriend from his afternoon snooze then ask him questions in the 5minutes after where he is trying to decide if he should wake or sleep still. The results are he does not remember what you have talked about, or he thinks it was in his dreams. However this could also be the perfect oppotunity to confess to him you ate the last pieces of his chocolate after your sugar craving, no he didnt forget he ate it, this was your doing mwah haa haa haa!
Please note however I have not ever eaten the last pieces of his chocolate. He generally buys a family slized block and wolfs it down in the first 5mins flat. There generally are never any pieces left and if you think he would share some with me people, think again. Every last square goes into his belly
Now speaking of chocolate. Last year I was introduced by Julia to Rasberry Chocolate Logs. I pretty much forgot about them till about 3 weeks ago, picked one up as a treat and hello ADDICTED! I've had a couple since, Rasberry "supposidly" licorice wrapped around chocolate
Kinda one of the better photos online, but you see the red with the brown bit in the centre
OMG! Talk about fun! Im all about eating fun chocolate. Its boring just in plain block shapes but shape it like an orange, smack it on the table and have orange choclate flavoured segments fall apart to nibble on and Im in heaven
So much fun
However I look like this when it comes down to the last pieces (pic of Dawn French)
Their slogan 'Whack and Unwrap"
Bunnies at easter time, I'll eat the ears first and then the cute lil bunny bum tale
The famous easter pic
So the choclate logs = everyday fun chocolate to eat (well not often ruddy milk intollerence). Who is with me on the fact that chocolate is 10 Tonnes better to eat when in fun shapes? Its kinda like drinking milk out of the carton direct from the fridge. It just tates better.
OMG Totally had to share - dont you wish we did fun stuff like this here?
Thorntons Chocolate Billboard
This is a choco-holics dream come true! In 2007 Thorntons Chocolate company created the very first chocolate billboard in London! It weighed 860 pounds and was made of pure chocolate. It was 9.5 ft high and 14.5 ft wide. What was it made from? 128 chocolate panels, 72 giant chocolate eggs and 10 chocolate bunnies. That’s a whole lot of chocolate! They only had one mishap. During assembly, one of the panels fell off and five bunnies were broken but luckily there were some spares.
Chocolate Billboard eaten in 3 hours!
Once they unveiled the billboard, Thorntons invited all shoppers to jump in and grab themselves a bite. It only took 3 hrs for the billboard to be devoured what took 3 months, 10 people and 300 hours to assemble.
“There was something for everyone from giant bunnies to hazelnut eggs,” said chocolatier Barry Colenso.

FUN! I think all the chocolate can be todays Eye Candy
Till next time

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