Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whats up?

Saw a resonably good looking guy on the walk home the other day, as he passed me I noticed he was wearing a gold watch. Turns out I have just discovered I think gold watches are hideous. Well it looks heanous on the hot guy. It looked fake, like it was brought at a $2 shop or something. I dont know why I think this but the guy literally looked like he had plastic wrapped around his wrist, I dont know maybe it just clashed with the colour of his skin. He wasnt overly tanned. Maybe it was just the fact that he was a 20 something year old wearing a gold watch & i guess I normally picture them on 70yr old sun aged hairy armed gentlemen. Anyways thought I would share that. Sorry Rolex I think a gold one looks Tacky, I would however buy Silver so dont fret you would still get my money if I had any.
Also if by chance you happen to pretty much stay awake all one weekend night. Do not attempt to fall asleep the next day whike your partner is awake watching TV. Becuase while his headphones block the show he is watching they do not mute his laughter. Tried to have a snooze but it didnt work.
Not quite Asian but funny all the same

If you are going to leave work make sure you manage to grab your house keys. Becuase even though it is now pretty much summer, the afternoons are still f'n freezing. Gareth worked late and I had to wait around reading my book while he finished up. It actually wasnt too bad I just was freezing.
My keys arent quite so blingy but if they were on a necklace I might not forget them

My work mate told me her latest discovery today that she is distantly related to Taylor Swift. Apparently her great great great grandfather - a writer - is also Taylors grear, great, great Grandfather. So we were chatting about it and how she should tell her that they are related & then she can steal all the celebrity boyfriends she throws away becuase afterall they change their partners like we change our underwear. It was then I decided to tell her I was related to Harrison Ford. The response was pricesless! Really? How? - O sweetie, have a look again....Harrison Ford.......Rianna Harrison..... not quite the same lol! And we had a good giggle. I brought it up becuase I used to get asked in primary school if we were related becuase of the ol Harrison thing. I started telling them yes for a little while there. Because you know Star Wars and all, but they eventually cottoned on. Nice try though
Whose cooler? Harrison Ford with what I orginally thought was a overgrown dog
Taylor Swift with a D O double G?
And the winner is.......
Indy! Because when your a potato head, lego & in a video game you know you've made it to the seriously cool list
I knew he was better didnt you?
Dermot Mulroney

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