Monday, August 2, 2010

What a Treat

So I was lucky to attend the Florence & The Machine concert on Thursday last week. And even though I'll be slightly broke for the rest of the month it was worth every penny. Went through turmoil on if I should take my camera or not. And in the end I left the darn thing at work. I am KICKING myself. Luckily the amazing website Stuff has photos from the concert I will share with you - at least this way they are better visual quality than what I would of taken with lots of fans in the shots as well. So turned up on time and imediately made friends with some randoms in the line as it turned out we were in the incorrect line which was for the VIP's. Waited forever to be let in and then once inside promptly spent $45 on a Florence TShirt. I thought well seeing as I dont have a camera I want something for myself from the concert. We made our way as close to the front as possible and eventually The Naked & The Famous came on and performed a few songs. They were pretty good. Def love their Young Bloods song best but they had enough other good stuff for me to want to purchase an album. Plus we were treated to their latest single.
The next to come on was a band called The Drums. Had never heard of before and to be perfectly honest were so not my cup of tea. Wonderfully flamboyant and gay looking so perfect to front the wonderful Flo but wow yup not enjoyable and the crowd half of which had never heard of them before either were just swaying and waiting for it to be over really. Poor the Drums. O well Flo loved them and thats all that mattered.

So then our red headed pixie came out and started the night off with Drumming Song. What was wicked was hearing the crowd sing to all her songs. She had 3 old bird cages on stage that had lights in them, someone on harps. Apparently someone here in NZ made her an outfit and she wore it & said thanks to her. How neat. She is amazing live and even though she didnt go through half as many costume changes as she did for Laneway festival it didnt really matter because she wooed us all with her voice, the beats, her spinning and just being mere metres away from us. She played a new song for us that will be on her upcoming album Strangeness and Charm. Love the song already and how can I not it was an amazing song. There was a really awesome purple backdrop for most of the night. When she played Cosmic Love the purple one dissapeared and we got a backdrop of fairylights. I loved it. And even though tall bastards ruined most of the visuals for me I could hear it all and sung at the top of my lungs along with her :O) Here are the photos from the Stuff Website:

I also couldnt help myself I finally purchased 2 things I have wanted for a little bit. First was a herring bone necklace off trademe. Instead of wasting $90 on one I purhcased one someone didnt want anymore at the wonderful affordable price of $16. And I luff it. I wear it lots already YAY
here it is awww pwetty
And I purchased the Rae Morris: Beautiful Eyes The Ultimate Guide
However I am on strict instructions not to read through it until I have finished my Driving Test Success Book as I am sitting my full licence on the 25th. Hee hee ok then G I am reading and practising when I drive. I am so nervous about the test though.
Well apart from all that Im a little boring really I have started gathering ideas again for my book so I hope to start writing again soon. I am thinking that I will take it into work and see if Broomey can scan my pages so they go into word documents as I remember someone trying to scan writing once so it went to Excel documents. Worth a try otherwise I will be writing everything to word doco by wonderful typing. Maybe evenutally the book will be finished. Wish me luck
Anyways thats it for today here is some Eye Candy for ya:
Charles Mesure
He plays Hobbs in V and is in the new NZ TV Show "This is Not My Life"
Finally Eye Candy in V its taken a few episodes

Well have a great day all till I bore ya next time

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