Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo Shoot

Wicked stuff so I havent done a photo shoot since taking photos of Jo's baby belly - which I might add she is in labour currently - Im SOOOO excited!!! Poor thing has been 36hrs so far and no baby. Luckily no pain the whole time. She was watching movies yesterday.

So anyways went out to Corwnwall Park to photograph some friends. They are sisters and doing it for a gift for their mum's 50th. Anyways was really cool to be taking photos again. And cheers to the weather for holding out boodaful sunny day today. Unfortunately I dont have an external flash and phoned up too late to hire one. So some of them are a bit funny. I didnt pick too many ones with background scenery to show you but these are ones I really like
This was the photo they got enlargened - of couse after the talented Krista made it better
Was heapsa fun taking photos again

Nikki made her mother a really awesome scrap book birthday card/photo album type thing. It was really amazing she put in so much effort and it looked absolutely stunning. The girls took at photo and blew it up big for their mother for the lounge as her 50th birthday gift. I cant wait to hear what she thinks about it. The 50th was this saturday so now I can finally post the photos on my blog. I've waited a while to show you all :O)

Anyways this post wasnt really much of an effort as was already prepared. So I will say YAY ONLY 3 MORE SLEEPS TILL FLORENCE & THE MACHINE CONCERT!!!!!!!! I got Office 2010 installed on my home pc today because of this thing work is doing. Im really stoked about it becuase Open Office was annoying. I couldnt even use it thats how dumb it was. I dunno what was going on but you cant copy & paste stuff into it & it wouldnt let me type somtimes. It was being a real dummie. But problem is all solved :O)



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