Sunday, July 25, 2010

My New Photography Love

Fund a program online called Poladroid. Its an app that sits on your pc looking exactly like a gorg old style Polaroid Camera. You simply drag your photo into the bit in front and it processes your photo. When it spits it out you get the exact sound polaroids made when they spit photos out. You then watch it while it "processes" just like polaroids. And eventually you have your very own Polaroid photo without owning a Polaroid. Its great for me as right now I cannot afford a Polaroid but I really want one.
See so plasticy and cute

I have been on a roll putting in so many photos. Only downside is - which is also a cool quirk - is you can only put in 10 photos to process at a time, becuase it needs "a new cartridge" put in it. You do this by closing the app and opening it again. Annoying if you like me who almost wants to put every single photo I own in this lil baby but fun for the whole original Polaroid experience. Here are some I thought you might like, these are all photos taken by me and I have just dropped them in the above app for process:

Western Springs

Looking over to Newton Rd
Napier by Dad's
Butterfly on Flower
Lights in Sarah's place
Whangaparoa Peninsula
Snells Beach

Rangitoto Island from Tamaki Drive
Water Fountain in Napier
Sun through tree in Cornwall Park
Sunset up on Whangaparoa Peninsula
Auckland Muesum

It makes people pretty red in the face but its great fun for the creative photos I take.

Anways thats really all for this update:
Xavier Samuel

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