Monday, July 19, 2010

Annoying Travel Agents & Stupid Spamming

So popped into a couple of travel agents on the weekend. Popped into House Of Travel & saw an utter biatch. I was already an inconvenience to her as it was becuase she had 2 people turn up who she knew by name & she had to see me before them as I was there first. I sat down at her desk & all was ok to start with but as soon as I told her I wanted to know what I could to travel on a one way ticket to Bangkok or Ho Chi Min City & what to do where to stay her attitude went from mediocre to absolute sourness. If she could roll her eyes at me & tell me she was wasting her time I think she would of been in heaven. "You cant buy a one way ticket to those cities" she told me forcefully & like I was a complete idiot. "You need to have an exit ticket otherwise Auckland Airport will not even let you on the plane" bitterness spat at me. Far out lady ok, so Im sorry but this is my very first excursion ever into a travel agent talking about this sorta thing, how the fuck was I supposed to know, plus you bitch this is the whole reason I came into talk to you. To find out what could and couldnt be done DUH! I ws like "Ok sorry I didnt know that. Ok I would like to see what I can do so you can help me so I can buy a ticket in the next week for April next year" - all excited of myself thinking if I acutally have tickets it will be real and I can plan & know & believe that I will actually leave. The tart then proceeds to spit at me "You dont want to buy tickets now it wont be cheap" I told her in maybe a little bit of stupidity because I actually do but "I dont care about saving money, I just want to book the tickets" her response was dripping with you are an idiot customer saying "You cant buy tickets for April next year the flights arent even scheduled or put out for then. So you cant buy tickets and who wants to not save money" WHOLEY MOTHERTRUCKER! This you fuck tard is why I came into talk to you becuase I dont know whats going on and I came here to find out. The rest of the conversation was her trying to rush through all this information of you cant buy one way tickets, you need visas for every lil country you head to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos etc. Why do you want to go for 3months thats alot of time you will probably find you dont want to be there that long. Do you have a plan, no well you need to plan your trip. However when you get there your plans might go out the window in the first week becuase of the people you meet - so what the fuck is the point in planning then lady?
Anyway I left there feeling only slightly more knowledgable & then popped into Whitcoulls to buy myself a Lonely Planet Guide for South East Asia on a Shoestring. FARK me that set me back $72, but I know it will be money well spent.
Then I decided to venture into another travel agent. Hoping like anything I wouldnt get treated like an idiot & waste of time again. I waited for about 25mins before I was seen to as they were dealing with other people. I ended up chatting with the guy there & mentioned similar things that I did to the last lady apart from the whole one way & that I had previously wanted to buy tickets the following week. I instead asked what was best city to land in. How would I sort out visa's, rar de rar. He was a bit more helpful & didnt treat me like a dickhead, probably because he was giving me the glad eye the whole time I was there. Haa haa o well one way to get good service aye? I left with a tiny bit more information than the last place and plenty of brochures. Now its time to look through brochures and see what the plan is. I just know best place to land is Bangkok, I have to have an exit ticket & will need Visa's. Best time to buy tickets is October because of sales with all travel agents.
 What made all of this better was getting an message from a friend Connie who advised me of vital information. Security, watch out for cockies, bargining tips, make sure dont point with feet, or touch a person on the head (its rude), make sure you settle on a price in a taxi before you go anywhere and make sure they have the meter on & stuff like that.

So stupid spamming.I keep getting ruddy annoying spam comments on my blog from random chinese people/computers or whatever. At first I thought it was people commenting and I was all excited that strangers were looking at my blog. Soon discovered that it was spam and they put up random quotes and absolute nonsence. Its sooo freaking annoying. All I can do is delete it. I have tried to report it but the blogs they use to comment are private & I cant do much about it. I have changed settings so hopefully it will all go away.

On the plus side my Florence and the Machine ticket arrived today. EXCITED! Only 10 more sleeps till I hear her belt her lungs out at me. Ooo plus tomorrow night get to see Toy Story 3 in 3D at Imax FUN!

Anyways here are some pics to jazz up the blog a bit:
aww silly billy
Funky Socket Lights
By Anna Juan

Have a great day
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