Friday, July 16, 2010

I just opened a can of Whoop Arse

Well G did. Kicking my butt so that I get out there and actually set the balls in motion for getting my arse overseas. I have the money for tickets now. Its time I buy them and start planning. With tickets purchased it will be a real thing for me finally. I agree, so tonight I commited mysef by two things. Went online to check out travel prices. Told my facebook world I'm doing it so thats another way to commit myself and I am going out to travel agents tomorrow. I have also been advised to pick anyones brains who have been there. I have to make this trip a reality as for too many years its been a "I'm heading overseas one day" and I think people now probably think I wont do it. I have to prove to myself that I will. I'll update ya tomorrow in regards to it. But for now it looks as though the best place to head to is Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

Other good news for me. I finally purchased my tickets to Florence and the Machine! YAY fun. Her concert is 29th July. Im soo excited. The Naked and The Famous are headlining her. Ooo however Herald says its The Drums so I dunno. So only 13 more sleeps till I find out.

So last weekend I decided that I would only put my most commoly used Jewellery in a smaller container up on my dresser and get all the other stuff in the other box put away somewhere. Then 2 days later I suddenly had the rememberance of this beautiful oriental japanese designed Jewellery Box that used to be my mum's then she gave it to me. So I called mum the next day in absolute excitement as it really is a stunning jewellery box & has memories. "Mum where's that japanese style jewellery box? Can I have it back?"
She then proceeded to brake my heart by telling me it was falling apart and missing things so she threw it out?!?!?! THREW IT OUT ARGGGGGG ROOOOAAAAARRRRR
 instert angry lion here:

Anyways so I was upset, annoyed and sad. So I went onto Trademe to desperately try find one. I did find one. Only it had a buy now of $90. But look at how beautiful it is - this is identical to the one we had:
This guy had badges for sale as well???
And then in the front the two drawers also opened. Pretty huh?

So I was all excited and in the process of talking the guy down in the price of it because, handles, ballerina, key all missing and the mirrors had age spots. I was all excited and then some ruddy mother fucker purchased it out from underneath me. Buy now options what can you do? Apparently you snooze you loose. So again I was sad all over again. But I'm ok now.

Anyways here are some pics to look at - as mentioned before I have a slight obsession with necklaces. This is the necklace that Elena from Vampire Daires the TV show wears. Regardless of it being significant for the show its quite pretty:
Pretty Huh? Someone made the above
The above is the one from the show the character Elena wears
And here she is wearing it. Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert

While I was looking for better pics of the necklace online I came across some stunning underwarter photography by one Elena Kalis. She is a Russian photographer living in the Bahamas. Her work is amazing check it out:

From her Alice In Waterland collection
Pretty amazing huh?
Here are just a couple other ones:
Neato :O)

Ian Somerhalder

Enjoy your weekend I will update about tickets later :O)

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