Friday, July 9, 2010

Im obsessed with Florence & Gregory

As some may already be aware I am slightly obsessed with Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine. She is absolutely amazing. I adore her. She's absolutely beautiful, has a great pair of lungs that can belt out a fantastic tune with a great beat - Lungs couldnt be a more perfect name for her debut album, her lyrics mesmerise me, I  love the artistic video clips she gives us for her songs, her great fashion sense, & just for being her. I listen to her album every single day. Im sure my coworker Joanne must be sick of hearing Florence and The Machine by now lol! I dont care I love her music and she inspires me. Heavy In Your Arms the she contributed to the Eclipse movie/soundtrack is hypnotic & I listen to it numerous times a day also. Listening to the album now. Yay her concert here in NZ is in less than 3 weeks. I havent yet got a ticket but as soon as pay day comes you bet I will be buying and buying one quick smart. I do hope they let us take photos. Im soo looking forward to being mesmerised. Will be going on my own though. Im so excited.
Between two lungs it was released, the breath that passed from you to me...

There's a ghost in my lungs, and it sighs in my sleep, wraps itslef around my tounge, as it softly speaks, and it walks, it walks with my legs, to fall, to fall, to fall at your feet
I was a heavy heart to carry, My beloved was weighed down, My arms around his neck, My fingers laced to crown

Anyways I cant think of what else I was going to write now. I had something but cant of been too important huh? Oh Im going to take photos this weekend so will show you my attempts at being a photographer

O wait thats right. Im hoping that I can save up to get some photos of myself taken with Miss T Pin Ups. I have always wanted to do some body shots photos but they are just so expensive and I wanted something fun as well. I ended up stumbling across Miss T and becuase I'm smitten recently by Pin Up, Bodiour, Burlesque and 50's type things I thought it would be rather fun. Here is her website: Miss T Pin Ups. Talked to her the other day and she seems really nice too. Prices are good so going to see if I can save up for it.

Oh my new obsession photos by a photographer I stumbled across on someone elses blog his name is Gregory Colbert. According to this blog and the internet he did a photo exhibition called Ashes and Snow. He "has combined film, writings and photography to tell the story of animals co-existing in harmony. The most amazing part is that none of the photos are superimposed or digitally collaged. It is a mixed-media experience and everything the audience sees is what the artist himself saw through the lens." - quoted from her site so I dont have to type it, and afterall its explaining the photos. The the photos are truly amazing and make you heart warm and you grin from ear to ear. I am completely blown away by them. O I read up more about it on Wikipedia, I would love to know if you can buy like a dvd of it or something, I cant be bothered typing or copy and pasting the explination for the pics so have a read here: Ashes and Snow - Wiki
Take a look:

I think this one is my favourite - they say a picture has a thousand words well this one does thats for sure
Might I remind you: None of the photographic or film images have been digitally collaged or superimposed - WOW
Each one is created using an encaustic process on handmade Japanese paper
I couldnt resist adding so many as they are unreal

And thats me for tonight, Im going to look at more of Gregory's photos :O)

Here is the eye candy:
Taylor Lautner

And below for the guys
The beautfiul Kate Walsh

Hope this update made you smile

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