Friday, July 2, 2010

geek me

So Monday I did a first aid refresher course for work. Poor me must of picked something up becuase I noted that my throat felt like it had been attacked by knives and razor blades, my nose felt like someone had smashed it under a hammer and it felt like I had a million nails squished into my head. Yup the wonderful feelings of a sinus infection. I get them once or twice a year. Wonderful I would have to sit through a full day learning how to resusciate dummies and bandage strange smelly men whilst I tried not to let my head implode on itself. I just drank my water, sat as quiet as possible and let the day go on. I started off by being the first guniea pig to act as someone who was in shock, bleeding from various orifaces, and had a broken bone somewhere. I was fantastic at acting as someone in shock as the room was utterly freezing and I was shivvering & chattering like a real person in shock. Wee hee 10 points for me. I also had me a sneezing fit over one of the resuscitation dummies whilst I was being tested to see if I was adequete to give the chest push and breath of life. Wonderful, I couldnt even breath out my own nose let alone give some plastic doll named Anne my dwilndling oxygen and say "Annie are you ok?" The teacher who had said "now I said now tongues" before my fit, left the room to get me some tissues. I looked up to find the whole room staring at me (as everyone did when it was their turn to be tested) I immediately went red - FUN? - nope. Luckily I made light of the situation and had the class laughing by the time he returned. Sorry sick foggy brain cant remember what I said, but it was good. The pain continued too, later on in the day we had participation roles again I was put forward to be the "victum" - aww bless I must be good at acting half dead. This time I needed to act drunk, fall over, have numerous cuts, a bone sticking out and on top of it all we were to have seizures. I had done most of it and had been put into the recovery postition with a blanket over me and pillow under my head. Nicely comfortable you think? Only for a bit, we were promptly told to have another siezure, so I did only to smash my nose into the ground & make my eyes water - gee wars much? To make matters worse we were lucky enough to have a professional photographer in that day and he was taking photos of me at that point in time & so he proceeded to snap away when the teacher came over to check my nose was ok only to mention out loud "ooo you have cartildge missing here" - na duh I had it removed to help me breath from another case of idiocy earlier in my life. SIGH what a day. It wasnt all as bad as it sounds I just highlighted the  spectacular moments for you. I did learn a few new things and became teachers pet as I am easy to be picked on haa haa. I dont mind what I went through becuase if one day I happen to be needed to help save someones life then Rocking I know how to do it :O) And that my friend is worth the embarrassing day.
So since monday I have been crook with my sinus infection. And with smashing my nose into the floor it has been extra painful this week as it was swollen. Haa haa I should legally change my middle name to Clumsy hee hee. Throughout the week I felt like utter shite. I got hot and cold flushes, I even (new for me) got dizzy waves and wednesday had all the blood drain away from my head for about 25mins. I put up with it all knowing that I already had Thursday as a day off. I knew that I would sleep all day. Wednesday night however was the highlight of all the poop. ECLIPSE - that's right Im going to be a little Twihard Idjot here weee heee. I went into town to watch Twilight, New Moon and then Eclipse with my lil sister, Pam and Sian at Imax. I cant tell you how wicked it was to go to a movie you have been anticipating with wonderful friends. Pam and I proceeded to laugh and snort, and make crazy wild comments through the first movie. But then I have never heard anyone laugh so much in a movie where you know they dont normally hee hee. In New Moon we were a little quieter but when Taylors shirt came off we werent the only ones who made wolf whistles at the big screen (excuse the pun lol). Eclipse was a pretty awesome movie. I am not minding one bit that I will be seeing it again on Tuesday with Nikki.
Thursday slept for all of 3 hours during the day. Ended up kinda having today off as well as havent felt 100% yet. I did however head out for 3 hrs to do the tape run for Joanne as its so long & she isnt confident with Mt Wellington yet. Boy it was hard to actually move though. I just wanted to crawl up in bed and go to sleep. I'm missing out on Poker with my matey potateys tonight as Im will be going to bed soon to continue recovering. The really gay thing about being sick right now is my best friend Jo just had her first baby and I cant see the beautiful wee man till Im better again. Should be all sweet by monday but still feel stink its taking ages before I can see him :O( Sorry Jo I know you understand I still feel like a stink friend. Of all the times to get sick huh?
Well Im currently jealous of Americans today as they will of been able to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender today and apparently NZ has to wait till September GAY or as Cartman says LAME (heh heh apply that cream)
Well thats really all I have to say for now nothing exciting
You have to listen to Florence's song for the Eclipse soundtrack, this is quite a neat fan made clip. Tempo has been changed and it cuts off the song at the end but you get the drift:
Only seems fitting seeing as it just came out
And then the beautiful Florence
o happy days


  1. Hello, this is looking great, I love your new background, so bright and attention grabbing. Yes i love the idea you have a whole draw decicated to your make up as well.xx

  2. Hee hee yay thought you would be proud of that. And thanks, yeah I like this background as not so busy now but pretty too