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So last week had some bad news for me as all my closest friends will know. My star car failed its warrant on leaking power steering oil, headlamps need repositiong & repatterning, rear brakes are gripping, rear shock needs replacing. Soo a wee bit of money to be spent there. But I put the warrant & rego on hold for 3 months while I save up to fix it. Luckily I have a couple good mates who have put me onto a mechanic or two that I can chat with. So I hope to have it all sorted & up & running by the time nov rolls round.

On more positive side, you know how I have been in love with this style of photo lately:
Well that and similar styles anyways its just so dreamy & beautiful. Well I have been hunting for what takes those kinda images without using photoshop. Half becuase of the fun anyways but becuase I havent got photoshop & I wondered if there were cheaper options out there. Plus research is my fave thing to do. I have discovered the photogrpahy has a name and its one I was always familiar with Lomography which is emphasizes casual, snapshot photography. Characteristics such as over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure, blurring, "happy accidents," and alternative film processing are often considered part of the "Lomographic Technique." And of course I have always loved fisheye so the two combined are magical. Pinhole is pretty amazing as well

And well I found lenses/cameras I am going to save for & buy. I have heard of them before now I have realised but never really thought much about them as it was just money I didnt have. But they arent that expensive. What I found are the Diana Camera:

Cute huh?
This baby was originally marketed as an inexpensive novelty gift. But it bacame popular & used by professional photographers for its soft focus photos. Here are some of the photos it gives us:
Aww so pretty.
Then there is the similar concept camera called The Holga
I would like to purchase this one a bit more than the Diana but both would be fun. Starting simple I promise
Both the Diana and Holga are nicknamed Toy Camreas and both are prone to light leaks but the effect is magical & it can be worth it in the long run for all the fun. The Holga often yeilds pictures that display vignetting, blur, light leaks (as part of the arty fartyness), and other distortions. Both cameras only take film as well.
Here is some examples of Holga photography:
Similar as well yes but I quite like.

So the Holga would be my option and at $60 on Trademe I can put money aside for a month or two (sensible saving) and be buying a dream camera. I am going to make myself a pinhole adaper for my Canon DLSR. Just a cheap but hopefully effective photographic art option. All I need to do is buy a new lens cap for the camera $8 from trademe & drill a hole in the centre. Obviously a bit more than that but that is the jist of it. I can actually buy a whole pinhole camera off trademe for $10 but its the wait till next pay day that I need to do. The pinhole ahh yes I remember making one of those in primary school why didnt I keep it?
This is what I will be doing to a lens cap of mine.
The Large Hole
This guy made a large hole to figure out what size to do the hole in a bit of brass he purcased
Here os a photo withthe Large Pinhole Photo
He then took a square of brass and made a hole in it with a pin and selotaped it ontp the inside of the lens cap Glad I found this as now I know not to just go right ahead and drill a hole in the lens cap & think that will be it. The hole needs to be teeny tiny & this little adaptation means I wont have to try push a prin through thick plastic I just have to do it through brass. He shoved the pin in the end of a pencil to get a better grip hold of it. Apparently the set up is a bit flimsy but it was good for gripping and pushing. From his attempts I know I need about a 0.2mm pinhole

And above and below are the results
Quite a neat effect for a snowy day, gives the feel of being inside by the fire while the cold radiates outsite (to me anyways)
This guy is pretty amazing he has rather a large amount of matmatical things on his site. But the other thing that took my interest was this:
The guy created what he called an Atrotracker. Give it a read far too much to explain. If your curious but dont want to read he wanted to take photos of the night sky with the photos in focus becuase due to the light being so dull & the shutter needing to be open for a few minutes plus the fact the earth moves you get streaky stars. Yes pretty and arty sure but he wanted to see constellations.
He wanted to find a way to counteract the earths rotation so with his mathmatical mind he invented this:
(read website for better explanation)
Anyways the result from that was this:
That my friends is Andromeda

So I also have found the following - this could be purchased instead of a Holga or Diana lens. Infact its called The Dreamy Diana Lens"
This is how it fits on the camera
The Lens
Result at $60US I can save for this
There is also the Fisheye Lens found on this awesome new website for photogrpahy tidbits
The result
Pinhole Camera Kit FUN!
Camera Kit gee forget aeroplanes
The result
Also another thing I can make for cheap before I satr purchasing:
A DIY Bokeh add on to my lens
The Result
Photo Paddles too cute wonder if I could make these?
What you do with them
Well Im being told its bed time and I havent even finished my update
Morning ever so quickly. Well these are some of the things I have found lately that I am going to make myself and then save up for. I think that over the next year I will get what I want. Then when I travel overseas my photogrpahy can be that much more fun :O)
Anyways its off to work I go
Wait did I just do that? Yes I did

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