Monday, August 16, 2010

We lie together

“We lie together. Smiling and holding on to each other and the night and the moment. We stare into each other’s eyes and softly kiss, speaking and saying more with the movement of our lips and the tips of our fingers, more than words will allows us to say. Words can’t say this. The one word love means too little for what it is. It means everything and that is still not enough. It doesn’t communicate even a fraction of the feelings involved. Love. The word is not enough for what it is. Love. Love.”
— A Little Million Pieces, James Frey.
Saw this and thought it was pretty so wanted to share with you all.

Today I am sick of copy and paste, alt and tab buttons on the keyboard. All my work today pretty much consisted of it. But you get that dont ya. Im gunna share some of my photos I put into the poladroid machine as I cant think of anything to update & I wanna. Check out my Flickr site if you wanna see more. Still waiting to put together the money to purchase a year account. May do it closer to my trip leaving time anyways.

I like this one
I wonder what it would be like if I got some of these pics printed?

I honestly havent been up to anything interesting lately. Hoping I get my a into g and get along to the 2010 World Photography Exhibition thats being held at Smith & Caugheys on Queen Street. It finishes 5/9. I would like to also get to a craft fair in Grey Lynn called Kraftbomb. And hopefully another one called Crafternoon-Tea in Kingsland some time. Kraftbomb is last sunday of every month. Crafternoon-Tea is something similar. Shelley and I are going to have a nice girlie afternoon tea ourselves held at the Langham in their winery. Its a high team served to the original grace and elegance of back from 1865 when it used to be served. YAY fun. I have found a bunch of things that Im enjoying, my discovery of Lomography (all the photo syles of previous post), and indie music cds by compliation name BIRP! Its really enjoyable. The albums have between 110-140 singles. And there hasnt been too many that I havent enjoyed. There wont be many bands that people recognise. The couple I have seen some might know are Miike Snow, Marcy Playground, Artic Monkeys and Muse. It has some of my fave lil bands We We Promised Jetpacks, Au Revoir Simone, Correatown and more. Plus I am sure there will be plenty new faves for me to be introduced to.
Here is Conductor by We Were Promised Jetpacks

I have also finally heard The Drums song Lets Go Surfing in the way it was done for albums, I saw them live before Florence & well didnt really like them. But this song is nice. So wont rule them out completely.

Anyways this is all I can be bothered writing. I havent really been in the mood to update my blog lately as my mind hasnt really been in the head space for it. Anyways hope you are all keeping well. Luff & Stuff to you x
Adrien Brody - always found him nummy but now he has his top off
Arnie from Predators 1 in the same mud scene idea thingy
Eye Candy wait what? Ok I dont find them hot of course but I like the movies so much and well they would be eye candy to a special effects person right & besides I think its cool

Ciao all nite nite

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