Monday, August 30, 2010

Handerpants & Tiddy Bears!?!?

Well one of my friends Kimi had her 30th birthday recently and Gareth and I attanded the party to farewell her 20's and welcome her into her 30's. It was really nice, heapsa fun. We even had a great bucket of vodka, water and godknows what else was in that thing. It was fab though and the grls drunk out of it with wicked straws that had lil animal faces on them:
The cool straws and the funny bucket
The Beautiful Kimi
I've been to a couple 30ths already this year but for some reason (maybe that I will be 29 in 2 months) I actually thgouh MY GOD IM GUNNA BE 30 NEXT YEAR! Im a little afraid.

I woke up this morning, a funny taste in my head.
Spackled some butter over my whole grain bread
Something tastes different, maybe it's my tongue
Something tastes different, suddenly I'm not so young.

The words by Ingrid Michaelson's song are just how I feel. I mean its not all a bad thing of course, but when I was younger I thought things would be a little different this time in my life. I definately didnt think that I would be worried about turning 30. I am of the mantra you are only as young as you feel and I know its not happening till next year. But on the day Im not even going to have my family with me. So thats a bit sad. But hmm I need to just buckle up and live for the moment. Thats all the grizzle I am going to give that thought.
FULL LICENCE - I finally got it. I booked it a while back becuase the prices of the full licences were going up. And well I booked it for like a whole month and a half later becuase it has been 8yrs since I sat my restricted I need to brush up and make sure that all the skills I know are the correct ones. So I got myself the following book when I paid for my licence:
Driving Test Success
Yes driving test success, it was written by a driving instructor & tester. So I read through this book 3 times. It was great because it  gave me an idea of what to expect when I went to sit the full. Good thing was I got to sit my full out west auckland so at least I knew the roads. Did my test and was darn nervous the whole way through. I have to be careful of the speed limit after road works that havent actually finished when I clearly thought they had (those close to me know the story), breaking and go the speed limit around the corner that the sign suggests not faster. Get back to the testing place and he writes out my paper licence. WEE HEE I feel like an adult now lol! So congrats to me now I am waiting for my plastic version to come through.

So I did a lil bit of boring internet searching and came across these comedic inventions. I dont think they are for real but have a look anyways:
Handerpants - their like underwear for your hands:
Great for Jazz Hands lol!
While seeing this on you tube I also found this Tiddy Bears:
Great name huh? Quite classic really. How they kinda grope that Tiddy area. Great for a pointless lil giggle.

Anyways I have the next week off. Annual leave. Get to sleep in and relax and do nothing really. Hoping to read, take photos, and write more in my book. An update here was a must as well havent in some time. Well I am going to relax by reading my book in the sun on the deck. Here is some eye candy for you all:
Erik Fellows
I have not seen him in anything but he is rumoured to play Ian in Stephanie Meyers movie adaptation of The Host. Might I say good pic

Well enjoy everyone

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