Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what to say

I wish I knew another language. It would be amazing to know more than just the one language English. Im so jealous of people who speak more than one language. Those that speak 3 or 4 even. How amazing is that? I think one day when I have kids I want to start teaching my kids other languages from as soon as I can and then my kids will grow up knowing other languages. I have started learning Welsh a bit on the BBC Big Welsh Challange thingy. But I dont remember it all. I know some things like Bor de Dah (my way to phonetically say Bore Da - Good Morning) and I know Noswaith dda which is Good Evening. But ask me to remember everything else I have learnt and I have to look at my little notebook. I remember them when I see them and honestly I enjoyed learning what I know. Even if the language is strangely hideous. It actually means something to me.
 You may be reading this and thinking why in the world of all the languages there are did this woman choose Welsh? Well I'll tell ya - Welsh is in the family. My Nana Margaret (Dad's mum) was born there.  I also thought for many years that my Dad was born in Wales till I found out that he was acutally born in Hull Yorkshire. Which doesnt bother me one bit (YAY British Passport hee hee) but I am rahter inclined to be intrigued by Welsh. Also the other reason is my name is Welsh. Sure it might not be Rhiannon - the name I was supposed to have but bless my Parents they heard the song lyrics wrong -  but its derived from that name and its a Welsh name.
There is so much funny noises at the back of the throat with the language and it kind of sounds yuck, plus I worry about spitting on people when I say my words. But at the same time I love how old it sounds. How much histroy is seems to have. You have to go to The BBC Big Welsh Challange its FANTASTIC!
As for other languages well let me actually remember what I learnt here first before I head onto any thing else

I love the dragon on the flag. My poor Nana being a Jehovahs Witness things its sad becuase its the devil on her national flag. I keep telling her that some people view it as strong and good luck and rar de rar but I dont think she is convinced she just sits there and nods when I tell her these things bless. Which reminds me I really have to organise going up and visiting her with Lany soon its been FAR too long since i last saw her and I have her Paul Potts CD. Plus I wanted to put together a photo DVD for her to play with Paul Potts music in the background. Think I might work on that this weekend and look at popping up to see her next weekend. If all goes according to plan anyways.

Well all this week while I have been working and freezing my arse off Gareth has been in Fiji Baby! Lucky him. He has been there since the 4th on a holiday just relaxing and doing nothing. He comes home tomorrow and has a further week off before he returns to work. He acutally didnt want to take the holiday but his work made him lol! He has been staying at The Raddison in Denarau Fiji
Look at it in all its stunning glory my Goddess!
This is a photo of Denarau Island

Dont be jealous Rianna you are saving up for your OE. Honey you are going to Thialand, Cambodia, Vietanm, Laos ETA. You Rianna are going to Maya Beach where they filmed the movie the Beach Look at the beauty that awaits me:
Sooo wish I could be there right now! Soon my pretty soon

I am currently reading the Vampire Diaries Series book one & two: The Awakening and The Struggle:
I am almost done and so far its not a bad book. I have seen all of season one of the TV series so I know how that goes. I will admit Elena seemed like a bit of a biatch when I first started reading it. But now as the book moves along she is seeming a little more like the Elena I am used to. They couldnt of picked better actors for the roles. As dissapointed as I am certain characters from the show arent in the book there are new ones that I am coming to enjoy reading about. All part and parcel of the whole book to movie/tv series thing huh. There will always be sacrifices. There will always be changes becuase nothing can be word for word.

I must say I think I have a slight obsession with Necklaces. I have too many favourites that I already own and want more. I have the beautiful locket my Dad gave my Mum when they were first dating:   
 There is my eternal wave symbol (well thats what I call it):
(oops upside down)
There's my pentagram:
With matching earrings
 And my sea shell set:
I fell in love also with the following 3 necklaces 2 of which I think i will be getting.
1: A silver herringbone necklace - this is one I am more than likely going to purchase hee hee (one day)
2: The Algerian Love Knot - worn by Vesper in James Bond Casion Royale - love it for its meaning as much as the necklace itself - Symbolizing Joy, Wealth, and Health. Although there is not much actual fact on the knot the information you find tends to be on pages selling "Imatation James Bond Love Knots" And there are so many replicas out there. The one Vesper wore is the nicest I have seen so far becuase of the brass, gold, silver look to it: 

To get one acutally like hers your looking at paying a few grand. But to get an all silver replica you can look at like $130 which is a lil more affordable. This is probably one I wont buy
3. Boh Runga's Tui and Fantail Pendants - unsure which one I like best yet, think the Tui
Boh's Fantail
Boh's Tui
I have actually asked for one of these for my birthday this year as I want Kiwiana jewellery I can wear at all times overseas so I dont loose my precious stuff if it was taken - The locket for example. I feel a lil greedy asking for it but you never know.

Anways peoples its 10.30pm and I need to get ready for bed. Till next time
Nos Da

You should know who they are by now

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