Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yay only 3 more weeks. July 2nd. Man I hope thats the date it comes out in NZ :O) Im sooo excited it looks fantastic! Who cares about the whole Racebending thing thats just stoopid! I dont care just looking forward to seeing it. The bending affects look amazing
Fire Bending from Zuko
Air Bending
Waterbending Katara and Fisty Cuffs from Sokka
Aang in Avatar State
Aang & Blue Spirit
Waterbending in action
awww yay Apa looks sooo cute :O) Cant wait to see Momo
Haru Earthbending
Jaskson Rathborne as Sokka. Bit of a shame that there are going to be alot of annoying Twilight fans going along just to see him in action when they probably havent ever watched the show in their life. O well hopefully it means they will do really well with the money side of things on opening week & blow those blue Avatards out of the water
This is a french one but you see Kyoshi Warriors in it and a few teeny bits havent seen
And this is just a song I love from Avatar. Its also in honour of Mako the guy who voiced Uncle Iroh from the show
Well anyways Im going to try to go to bed with the fuckers next door making more racket than the Kings Arms ever does. Hope you enjoyed the pictures :O)

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