Sunday, May 30, 2010

more of the same

Other things you didnt need to know about me:
5) I love to shower or use the loo with the bathroom door open. I hate closing it. But dont worry I always close it unless I am home alone. Likewise I love showering outside. Of course I love privacy but I would love it if like the bathroom had no roof, or all the walls were glass or something with no roof, making sure no one could ever see. Something refreshing about doing that outside. No Im not fond of long drops out in the yard, becuase of the stench hee hee but I do like how you have to go outside to get to them. Oh apart from when big bugs fly at you when your trying to do your business or clean.
6) I always put ,y foot in it or say things I shouldnt. I dont know why I do it I think its becuase I get nervous, or I think people wont like me. So I talk and talk and end up saying stupid things. Dont get me wrong I can keep a secret and I can keep them really well. No I mean I say stupid things like friday night I told a work mate that I dont know overly well I was going to Thiland eventually - yup sweet so far but then I went and told him Im going to get work done on my teeth I have a root canal - woah hold ya horses why the fuck did I just tell someone my private embarrassing stuff they dont need to know that, too late now cant take it back. Needless to say he high tailed it out of there as soon as he saw his window of opportunity & I was left calling myself an idiot for mentioning something so dumb. Why??? I do it with various other things too. The other day after Noah's birthday John saw me out to the car as we were chatting and I had one of Jos's pukeko plates that belongs to Gareth now. Anyways I leant over and sorta chucked it in the back seat it landed on the seatbelt & made a noise. THE PLATE COULD OF SNAPPED IDIOT RIANNA! John made a comment to be careful and even though I was fully aware of what I was doing and that this was a stupid idea to do I couldnt stop. I felt soooo stink driving over to my cousins place, I was like why why why did I freaking do that??? I drowned my sorrows in coffee but I still feel like a complete iditot. What if I had broken her plate? Its not like it was any old plate. It's their dpassed aways mum's/wife's beloved Pukeko plate - such an idiot - I embarrass myself constantly
7) I am seriously clumsy. I think its a disease. If there is a corner of a desk or a drawer sticking out or a cord across the floor be sure that I will gravitate towards it and walk into it & I will walk into these things hard! I dont bruise easily but frick when I walk into these things I hit them hard and I give myself good bruises. Or if not they will be the bruises that dont turn purple but hurt all the fricking same. I walk into freaking walls when I decide to turn around, or go round a corner, wall there I will find it - its like I have no radar for these things. Gareth has Rianna proofed the house. Its to the point now where he has stopped worrying about if I have hurt myself after these crashes or bumps he now inspects what I have crashed into. The dishwasher door that was left out started creeking really bad one time after I crashed into it. He left a cupboard door open thats on our pantry - I walked into it and consequently he had to rehinge the darn thing as I'd knocked it in such a way that it had ripped out of the wood. Mind you those things could happen to anyone. O well you get that right?

So last night I found this website where you can try on different hair colours and styles and then you could do your makeup. Here are the only hair styles that suited me:
This hairsyle ahhh belongs to unsure sorry........ (not bad huh?)
This is an Ashlee Simpson hairsyle I just changed it to black (honestly its supposed to be black)
This I think is one of Jessica Lowndes hairstyles
And again another of hers
And the last one I did of hers I just changed the hair colours to what acutally suited me
Then went with the Ashlee Simpson one again and changed hair colour - I think I look disgusting in this photo. Its funny. Shame I wanted to see what red would look like on me. Maybe if I didnt have any foundation stuff on my face???

Got to trialing the thickness of my eyebrows & 1 trial at a foundation colour then it timed out on me as your only allowed a certain amount of time for free each day. My skin colour looks odd in this pic & this hair style makes my face look fat lol! Either way it was funny to do. Let me know which one you like best?

So this afternoon I looked at my current recipe book and realised it was a ruddy mess. It was hard to read all over the place and untidy as anything. So when I popped into St Lukes this arvo I went into Whitcoulls and looked for a hard book I could use for a new recipie/cook book. There ended up being these platic folder things with the word Recipes written on the front and a picture of milk and flour outlined. Inside was ruled paper, pages with tabs and clear file pockets. I was like great this is awesome - as I just knew I wanted like a sprial bound type one. Looked at the price $30 - woah fuck off Im not spending that much on it - so I brought a pink folder with white poker dots, some recycled ruled paper and next pay day I'll get the tab pages and clear file pockets. This afternoon I have been writing recipes out nice and tidy and putting them into the new folder. FUN

Anyways Im done. Eye Candy:

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