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Things you dont really need to know about me and that in no way will enlighten you life but will entertain you for a few minutes. Some people may already know these things

1) I love cleaning dust/dirt/grease out of coreners and tiny spaces. Like in between the keys on a cell phone, or in between the tiles on a bench, in the circle hole things you get on a phone mouth piece, in the corners of ovens and stuff. Goddess only knows why but for some reason I love cleaning it away. I wont do it all the time just when Im board
2) My clothes have to sit just right on me at all times. No not for looks for comfort. I cant stand bunched up clothes, socks that are coming off the end of your feet, stockings that are bunched at the knees, streched clothes. It has to sit comfptably on me and I am often adjusting my clothes. Wish I wasnt so picky but apparently I am
3) If I sing to a song it has to be outloud. I find it hard to mouth the words to a good song so I just try my best not to sing. Becuase I need to sing to most songs that I hear
4) I need to see the ocean or be near it (including going to the beach) at least once a week. Or I miss it incredibly. I get a bit funny when I dont. Luckily being in auckland we are near to the sea and I can see it each week no problem. Love the smell of the ocean air. Just like I love the smell of an air before a heavy rain downpour

Well that wasnt entertaining lol! Hee hee it was something to type I guess. Well I just remembered Weird Tingly Wednesday that they have on ZM so I'm going to share my Spooky Somethings Saturday with you:

Right so when I was younger about 8 I think, I was living at a place in Henderson on James Laurie Street. I shared a room upstairs with my lil sis Lany. It was a place my mum designed and built, nothing special, its just one of the bedroom windows looked out to the bible college behind us but had nothing below the 2 story house ie: no deck, no roof from a room below or anything just drop to the ground. Anyways one night I awoke becuase I swore black and blue that I could hear a lion growling and roaring accasionaly below this bedroom window. He was outside pacing and stoping to growl up at the window. This Lion was huge, Aslan huge, massive maine, strong build and really wasnt very friendly at all. Anyways I was SHIT scared. I was freaking out, trembling, crying and basically beside myself with fear. I was sure it wanted to eat me and was somehow going to come into the room and kill me, Alannah and my mum. My head was under the blankets as I trembeled but I was too afraid to get out of the bed and go across the hall to mum for fear this lion below my window outside would see and strike me. I was scared for what felt like forever. I was praying for it to go away and leave us alone. Then all of a sudden the next thing I know there was an extremely bright light in the room and a feeling of calmness, tenderness, and love washed over me. I pulled back the blankets and peeked at what was going on and caught wings outstretched. I couldnt see a person so to speak but I knew one was there. Although they didnt speak physically I heard in my head that everything was going to be ok and I had no reason to be afraid any longer. I was told to shhh to lay back down, to calm down and to rest my weary eyes and that sleep would come. So I obeyed. I no longer felt frozen by terror and no longer believed there was a lion outside my window. I just remember feeling what was like a cold kiss on my forehead and then I fell asleep till I woke up in the morning all happy. This honestly happened to me as a kid and it was what at the time made me decide that I should be a better christian and I requested to be baptised. Mum, Lany & I had not long started going to Sandringham Baptist Church but it wasnt regular. So after that I asked to go every sunday and I was eventually baptised by the time I turned 9. Although this whole time I felt something wasnt quite right about christianity. I discovered that it wasnt for me. And though I immensly respect the religion its not my religion. But whatever happened to me that night when I was 8 is something I know I will completely remember for the rest of my life.
He was huge and angry and sooo scary. Funny thing is Lions are amoung my favourite animals and always have been. Even before this incident
My Guardian Angel seemed to be male, I remember his wings. He kept that which was scary to me away :O)
And he helped me sleep soundly. What more can a child ask for?
I dont exactly know what that night was all about but it makes me smile thinking back on the overwhelming warmth, love and comfort I felt when help came along
Strange Spooky Saturday Story 2:
Astral Travel. Its something that my body has been trying to do for years. My dreams are often the same. Im back at the place I came to live at when I was born only Im about 8 years old. Im swinging around and around the clothesline. Its one of those metal circluar ones (hee hee called a Hills Hoist Clothesline I have just discovered)
Hills Hoist Clothesline
This is the way I hung from it but I would run and jump and swing round with it.
Anyways eventually the scenery I was in would change slightly and half the clothes line when I was swinging round on would be out over a cliff and the ocean
If you could imagine my clothesline pearched on the edge of this cliff with wild ocean below? Honestly it was actaully fun

Most of the time my astral learning dreams (as I call them) I would slip from the line and start falling and get that falling feel in my sleep. Then I would wake up with a start either on the floor or would sit up completely. I had many many dreams like this for years. All pretty much the same. Then one night when I must of been around 16 or so (unsure age really) I had my usual clothesline dream expect when I fell the scenery changed and I didnt wake up. It was unreal, I was physically climbing out of my body. I could see my body asleep on the bed and I was crawling up the wall and the head of the bed. I remember thinking wow this is an amazing feeling, this is really going to happen. I could feel myself rising out of my body and climbing up the wall. It was unreal
It was taking some time and I could look back at my body sleeping below. Most of me was out of my body, but it came to my left foot. Would you believe it got stuck in my head. I couldnt completely get out of my body as my left foot was stuck in my head. I was yanking it and shaking my body around but to no avail. I did one huge yank at my leg, but instead of coming out and getting on with things the next thing I know I had that falling feeling and I crashed back into my body completely and ended up waking myself up with a start?!?!?! WTF?! I was pretty gutted I couldnt complete it but I think it was obviously along the lines of I wasnt ready to do this as some parts of my brain realised that this cant happen and maybe thats why I was stuck. I have had another exprience since then. Except I didnt have it start off with the clothesline. It ended up that I was in this large hall with a huge white half round window and the end I was working at. Think I was setting up craft stuff to make on tables in front of the windows. Glitter, paint, feathers and heaps of other stuff
Just like this only massively wide and tall

Anyways as I and a couple of others were setting up a white feather ended up dropping off the table and started floating up. I stopped what I was doing to watch this feather float up and up and up.
Next thing I know Im lifting up off the ground and following the feather float up to the very top circular arch of the window. The feather then went through the glass and started floating out over the city on the otherside. I knew I was to follow it through so I sorta swam up to where it had gone through ready to follow - only fail - I hit the glass window hard and came crashing to the floor pretty fast waking myself up. And thats the last astral travel attemps I remember. Its a little gutting as I would like to know what happens but alas its not to be.

More spooky stories by me later. Believe what you like but these experiences have happend to me

On more randomness, James Bond is showing on TV at the moment and Sean Connery is James. I totally love him as James Bond. His voice is sooo sexy. I know he isnt my taste to look at but he definately suits the role. And even though the movies he did as James, Pierce Brosnan also made a great James Bond. Also sexy voice. I know so many people out there prefer Roger Moore and lets just say his James Bond movies were more enjoyable, Sean's were as well, they went a bit retarded with Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig is fugly to me but I enjoyed Casino Royale. Havent seen the other one of his yet, what was it? Ah Quantam of Solace. I've heard its good though so will watch it eventually.

In the mean time I am saving up for tickets to go see Florence and the Machine live EXCITING STUFF!!!! She is playing in July at the Trusts Stadium and Im sooo looking forward to it :O)
Anyways I hope you enjoy your weekend. Here is the Eye Candy for this update:
Brett Novek

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